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Till Death Do Us Part

November 19, 2009

4 story walk to get a Birth Certificate
Who ever thought, it’ll turn into a Death Certificate

I know we keep harping on about how sudden death can occur, but till it hits closer to home you really don’t stop to think.. what if it’s me or worse what if it’s a loved one?

Last night spent the most awkward half hour of my life at a funeral house of a family friend. The women bawling each time somebody shows up, or the phone rings. It was such a sudden thing, that people still call and ask for him. What words can you offer to lessen their suffering? Take heart in the fact that he didn’t suffer at all? Yeah right. All I could offer was just silence.

The fact that they were of a different ethnicity and most of the wailing was happening in a language that I understood only a little of, didn’t matter. It was obvious, what his wife was saying, his sisters and his nieces. But still, all I could offer was my solemn silence, and a mumble of “deepest sympathies” that didn’t offer much to them.

Just as you close this page, don’t close your mind to the fact of how much this life we have is taken for granted. Every moment is precious. At the risk of sounding like one of those cheesy email fwd’s, take a moment to show the people you care, your love, give them a tight hug, call them up even if it’s the middle of the night. I know he would, if he could..

R.I.P. Uncle R.


Back to school.. Happy Land..

November 6, 2009

Way back in the day (*Cue, your old joke*), when young Chaar was going to school :

  • I’d walk into class late. //Checking out Girls on the road, aka Traffic Warden.
  • I’d walk in with no books in hand. //Used to leave the books under my desk, which invariably someone switches, and I embarrass my self looking under each desk, while the teacher has this -_- look on her face.
  • I’d doodle away on my books. //Skulls, 7Up dude, Motorbikes, T-Shirt slogans, GGD lyrics..
  • Final Result : Fail //No regrets actually, because I still feel I learned more than any student in class those two A/L years. Just not Maths.. Actually my grudge was against Chem.

Jump to the present time :

  • Still walk in late to class. //No girls to check out. Stupid last minute meetings at office.
  • Walk in with a notebook in hand. //Whilst the others have their laptops opened out, downloaded lecture notes and the reference text books.
  • Instead of doodling, I’m on FB or Twitter. //Ok there are still traces of Death Skulls. But sadly no boyband lyrics.
  • Final Result : To Be Notified. :-/

If your still wondering what I’m going on about. Yours truly got selected to do his MBA. Yes the twitter explanation worked it’s own charm. The schedule is hectic and they work you to the bone. Will get into that in later posts, if and when I get the time. For now I hope this is enough justification for my absence on the Blogsphere. 🙂

Men of the Moment. No Season!

October 19, 2009

Jenson Button

It’s been a long time coming, specially after being labeled a Playboy and stuck with contract issues more than racing. Even Flavio Briatore didn’t have too much faith in him when he picked then test driver Alonso over him.

Proved them all wrong by equaling Shumi‘s record of 6 out of 7 Race wins in the start of this season, and winning the Driver’s Championship despite losing his way mid season.

Ross Brawn | BrawnGP

Ross Brawn | BrawnGP

The Brains behind Brawn. Schumi’s first race winning engineer who went on to bring back the glory days for Ferrari. Rescued the Honda team, when they were pulling out simply because he believed they had a Race Winning Car.

It’s really something to put out a new car, and have it win the first Grand Prix of the season in Australia, but another to win the Constructor’s Championship in it’s debut year, and to have one of your drivers win the Driver’s championship, along with the other possibly finishing 2nd.

I’m glad we made the drive from Hikka to Galle (despite being worn out after a Jungle trek, sea bath in Una and stuffing our bellies with Prawn-tomato-onion-garlic Rotti in Hikka) to catch the race at the Pedlars Inn.

PS : With Jenson’s win, looks like Jessica Michibata (Button’s GF) will take pole over Nicole Scherzinger (last year’s winner Hammi’s GF). And for the ladies who think F1 is all about cars going round and round, he’s not bad on the eyes too.

Why did Wayamba get kicked out?

October 16, 2009

creative-cricketNot the Brits (atleast this time)
Not our batting
Not our bowling
Not our fielding
Not our Physio (although a Kate Stalker would have helped)

C’mon, even your penfriend cyber buddy from Belgium, who hasn’t seen an over of Cricket will tell you, what the hell kind of name is “Wayamba XI” when the others come up with :

  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Somerset Sabres
  • New South Wales Blues
  • Diamond Eagles
  • Cape Cobras
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Delhi Daredevils
  • Victoria Bushrangers

I mean playing book cricket while pretending to listen to a boring Social Studies lesson in school, we had much more snappy team names. Hell we even had score cards, and tournament rankings. So I don’t have to tell you how serious we took our Interval cricket, right?

Islands on the Road.. Watchout!

October 13, 2009

Oh, island on the road
Willed to me by the devil’s hand
All my days I’ll be cursing you
For the alloy, the tires and the sweat I poured

Whats worse is, each time I repeat this story I get asked whether I was Drunk. 😦

Boob Show at Open Mic

October 9, 2009

Yesterday’s OM was arguably not the greatest. Maybe the lack of prior notice for the contributors to prepare something to read, or some of us observers to grow some balls and actually read something, myself included. 🙂

Either way, unlike the OM’s of past a heated debate ensued on Feminism, 2nd Class Citizens and the Hikka Boob Show. My simple question is why should we care? If it is so disturbing and beyond our culture to have nude women in public, how come the 8th wonder in the world (atleast considered to be till recent times), Sigirya features topless women?

Boob Show at Sigiriya

Boob Show at Sigiriya

I don’t see all these cultural pundits, asking to redraw the frescoes with their tops on (maybe Mahinda is planning on it after the ban on Internet Porn). Nor our teachers refusing to take school children to see Sigirya. The so called topless women are only a part of the other wonders of Sigiriya, the Kurutu Ghee and tunnel system to have Ponds on the top of mountain/fortress. No special emphasis was drawn out to them, so nobody harps about it.

My point here is, don’t make a mountain of a mole hill. People actually can’t be bothered. Unless somebody starts talking about it. After all ask your self, if I had just titled this post “Open Mic” would you have actually bothered to read it? 🙂

If there ever was a Question

October 5, 2009

Pacing up and down
The Nervous wreck, I am
Giving presentations
Never my forte
Now they say, it’s on myself

Feel like a small kid
Talking about myself
Only to a MBA Panel of Professors
Never prepaired, I am
Your typical last min case

Ok, Lets sit, I tell myself
Are they all looking at me?
He looks nervous too
She’s in a saree and
She’s, well.. not in a saree

I hear my name, that’s it
Wipe the sweat
Compose, compose, compose..
Here goes..

Old, old, old and old suddha
They stare at me, from the other side
Soo much..
For connecting with these guys me thinks
Till one of them ask me…
Are you familiar with Twitter?