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What the hell is that? Well it’s a term that stuck with me during school days (Yes I went to school, a pretty good one at that. But no I didn’t attend many classes, was found cutting them and earned the name “Walkers Tours” back then).Anyways “Chaar” is like when you describe something pathetic or bad/upset. Often used with the word “scene”. Eg: “Chaar scene eka machan” (telling your buddy how you got dumped by a girl etc.). When the situation is more than just “Chaar”, feel free to add an adjective like “Max”, which would follow as “Chaar max”!! Unfortunately there are isn’t a minimalist approach where you can use “Chaar min”, unless you are describing your self to the ladies as “Charming”.

Feel free to use the term as you go along. It is not Copyrighted or Patented (by me atleast).

About me

Nationality :

Born a Sri Lankan, raised a Sri Lankan, will die a Sri Lankan. Race and Religion don’t matter unless you want to judge me by them. Son of a Sinhala Buddhist Mother and a Catholic Father, there judge me now!

Gender :

Male, the typical Guy you’ll see walking around in Shorts and Bata’s, hair uncombed/ruffled. Tall, Dark and Handsome you ask? More of Tall, Dark and a bit on the Chubby side. Often seen wearing a “Fat Man Rules” T-Shirt driving a Silver Starlet. Yes, I drive like a maniac. Why? Because you hog the right lane (Lane for overtaking over here) and take ages to get off the blocks. On Sunday, I enjoy the drive, hog the left lane and tune my Radio/MP3 player (Drool…..).

Status :
Stable/steady relationship with the Girl of my Dreams. No no, I’m not dreaming. She’s for real.

Work :

I work in the IT Sector. Private company that undertakes to Manage Networks of other companies, and a mini-ISP managing/hosting mail and web servers.

What better way to get to know a person than read his Blog. So go ahead, don’t be shy.

About the Blog

I discovered Blogging while attending a “FOSSed” seminar. Read a few blogs and felt that it was the perfect solution to vent one’s feelings, opinions and just act crazy (once in while) along with jotting down happenings in your Daily Life, how Blogging or Web Log originated.

So, if your here that means you either read my blog or about to do so. So here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The views, opinions expressed over here are mine. My car my petrol story. But I’m happy to accept counter arguments.
  2. The facts I state are from what I’ve heard, read etc. If they are wrong don’t feel shy to point them out.
  3. The content on this site ranges from mature to absolute silly. Would I recommend your child read this? I dunno, that’s upto to you to decide. If you end up acting like a child after reading this, good for you! (I try not to use abusive word’s, but that doesn’t mean I can stop the people who comment on this blog)
  4. I’m not a Journalist nor am I a writer. I just write what comes to my mind. What you read is in it’s raw form. So please clap each time you see a grammatical error and jump up when you notice a typo. No those are not inserted intentionally to avoid people searching for content, but are left unintentionally to satisfy the critic in you who loves to find other’s mistakes. Don’t be a shame. I love doing that. I’d point a dozen in somebody else’s writing, given my own work wouldn’t find a single. (To improve readability when I have time I try to read again before I publish and Spell Check).
  5. I am not responsible for the comments maid on this site. People are given full access to make any comment they want. Judge them, not me.
  6. If you like what you read, don’t just sit there, recommend it to somebody else. No you wont get a Phone call from your secret Crush just because you did so, neither will Bill Gates donate a Penny to the account of a dying child.
  7. For those who don’t know anything about Sri Lanka, and reading my blog, well it’s a Paradise Isle with Exotic beauty, filled with Hospitable people (like my self) and tons of Culture and Heritage to Explore, despite my constant rants on how Pathetic this country is. In short I wouldn’t pick another Country in the world to live in.
  8. The pictures used in my Blog, are the first one’s to come up on a “Google Image Search”. If I pissed you off by taking some one’s pics, without their permission “Thousand Apologies”. If you want money, sorry I dont have any, however if you come down here, I’d buy you an “Isso Wadai”, I tell you it’s a godly delight.

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