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Some people have all the luck

September 17, 2009

The Wiz (aka my Boss-man) is going to Singapore to catch the Race. For the non-believers it’s probably the most exciting race in the F1 calendar.

Why am I sour about the whole affair? Well he probably can’t tell Redbull from Brawn, leave alone understand Tyre Compounds and Downforce.

There is nothing like hearing the roar of 20 engines go off at the same time, nor the glimpse of a car whizzing past Turn 6, probably one of the fastest corners at 300kmph.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to be satisfied with one of these.

Choices, choices, choices.. I tell ya.

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  1. September 17, 2009 6:32 pm

    Either one would do me thinks!

  2. September 18, 2009 10:16 am

    A fellow whitey? Hard to find em, amongst a sea of red. Cool! πŸ˜€

  3. Whacko permalink
    September 18, 2009 11:00 am


    And where can i get my hands on one of em ?

    your boss is a prick :p

  4. September 18, 2009 11:11 am

    cars going in a circle. how exciting. yawn.

  5. September 18, 2009 11:58 am

    @Whacko : Ha ha. He is indeed. Planning on getting one dwn thru a frnd. Dnt trust the boss, he’d end up bringng the wrong T! 😦

    @T : I wouldnt expect anything more from you. :p

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