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Just Another Week

September 14, 2009

Another monday, means another week. Probably work, work, work one day off to the gym and if I’m lucky a game of pool squished in between, to complete my stressful week. Yes I was referring to the 15 ball variety, for those of you who were stupid enough to bug me that I can’t swim. Ha!

Speaking of the game, it’s amazing how there aren’t many tables with the smaller pockets and the smaller balls, as opposed to those giant sized ones and mini tables making you think your playing some kindergarten version. I can only think of R&B and Clancys (Shooters). Prob is R&B you’d end up busting the window on a long shot and the only surviving table at Clancys is slightly tilted. So if you know of any good joint, please be kind enough to drop a comment.

You see, there is nothing more satisfying than taking your frustrations out on a cue ball. I keep seeing the face of my bosses on it. Wonder why? πŸ™‚

PS : If your probably thinking that I started this post off with something else in mind, and ended up writing about something totally different.. your probably right! Damn, I should have posted with a title like Big Ball vs. Small Ball!

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