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IDP’s to get FaceBook.

September 3, 2009

Unlike yesterdays post where some readers had a few palpitations, not to mention totally wasted my subtle dose of sarcasm, this post is not from the Onion but the DailyMirror. So I assume it’s safe to believe that you’d believe the DailyMirror more than the Onion. Just going by a hunch. 🙂

This is also in contrast, not to induce humour but to highlight how pathetic the situation has gotten in those camps. While the JVP MP’s suggestion is a valuable one keeping in step with the social trendz and the “in thing” I believe Sahana (an Open Source project built by our very own) would be a far better solution, addressing more aspects than Facebook. Unless you want those in Menik Farm to be playing Barn Buddy. Speaking of which check out my Farm.

Api Wawamu - Rata Nagamu

Api Wawamu - Rata Nagamu

A few friends returning after conducting various health camps, programs narrate the scenes there.. and they are nothing but gross. And what do I do about it? Sit in an A/C office, and blog about it. Sigh.

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