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Musical Chairs At Hospital

March 14, 2009

Sitting here, in Ward 16 of the Sri Jayawardena Pura Hospital, it is obvious that the patients and their accomplice out number the available chairs.

In typical Sri Lankan hospitality, as soon as a patient gets up to speak to a nurse or gets his pupils dilated, his chair taken in a blink of an eye, without a 2nd glance. This continues to such an effect that most of the patients are no longer sitting with their accomplice, not to mention the seating order. Kinda like those jumbling exercises you carry out to separate friends in new classes.

The pocket conversations are broken by the rattling noise of the PA, carrying an announcement about a Talent Competition and how auditions will be held today. wonder what other talent these people hold besides, disorganization and disorder.

A little boy provides entertainment first by a few shrieks as a few drops of the liquid cone into contact with his eye. The sturdy male attendant means no business, one loud growl and the poor boy starts crying even louder. My little knowledge tells me, a different approach is in order. The boy finally comes to his senses, only to realize over 40 pairs of eyes staring at him. Bites his mothers hand, a simple act of “this is for putting me through this”. Finally he settles down, and finds amusement by the fact he’s being plonked on one of those turning chairs. (I rem the time little me was facinated over the typist chairs with wheels at ammi’s office).

All of a sudden there’s a huge commotion followed by a stampede. The good doctor has made his appearance, and the new comers are rushing behind him, kinda like the group of dogs who chase after my car. Wonder whether the intentions are the same.

The experienced campaigners are not flustered, and continue to read their morning paper, only taking a second to look at the doc and another at bluish wall clock. They clearly know the form, even enough to estimate what time they’ll be called in. The stampede has been stamped out and some order is reinforced by calling the patients with surgeries completed recently, first.

Soldiers are wheeled passed us with various injuries even heads shaved off and replaced by bandage. A grueling fact that is hidden by the military victories on the media. Finally a meaningful announcement on the PA, about Blood donation to help our war heroes.

Finally the uncle is taken in among those who came early. Sigh of relief. Amongst all this, I see a familiar face, accompanied by mother or vice versa from what looks like it. They breeze in and breeze out, not noticing this guy tappering on his phone in a corner. 😛 So what are the chances of meeting a blogger at a place like this I ask my self? Bloody hell they are everywhere!

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  1. kivindra permalink
    August 4, 2009 9:56 am

    an interesting article…… I have been there….

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