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He keeps getting better

March 6, 2009

Damn I missed his piece on the Sunday Leader, now I have to wait for it on the blog.

The setting was at Punchi, this time a much more cozier feeling IMO, and the readers (those who read their work out aloud) were as good as the last. But if you take the last round as Round 1, it went to the readers, Round 2 on the other hand was stolen by the singers. My god weren’t they freaking brilliant?

First the period song, that had all of us cracking up . Then Rian with his (or he wishes it was his song) rickety tickety ting (or something like that).. and omg talking abt saving the best for last.. this Buddi was freaking awesome. It was well worth the wait, where everybody walking in thought he was the singer (even Suchetha). It was a nice mix of Moratu baila and Folk rock or Country, the voice was raw and untamed and perfect for the song. Wonder whether I can get him to sing Kawda Boy. It’ll be simply perfect.

Check out Indi’s post for the video of Buddi singing his first song.

Special kudos to the Gal Thei (Arrack Tea) served. Even Cindy liked it. Now that’s saying a lot!! 🙂

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