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Sex On The (Jungle) Beach Contd.

August 18, 2008

Since you don’t need any intro’s, lets jump right into it from where we left off..

Day 3

Woke up around 8am to the shocker of a discovery that there was no water. Thankfully I just had finished my morning business and lacked the water to shower. The others weren’t that lucky. After complaining to the manager we get a trickle of water just enough to do the essentials. We manage with our drinking water to brush our teeth and our out of the darn room, to find more guests complaining at the situation at hand. Apparently the dim wit of a manager had asked them to get into the pool as an alternative. Phew.. thank heavens I didn’t get into the pool the other day, and my questions about why the pool looked like a cesspit were answered. This is also where I make a public service announcement to avoid this joint at all costs!!

Unable to sleep and shower, we head out to the beach to check out what sort of “Sporting Activities” they’ve got lined up for the day. A brief walk on the beach told us this not our thing, and we already started looking for alternatives to keep us occupied. We had heard of this secluded private beach off Galle. Ooooh..  any one up for an adventure?? Apparently Grumpy was not, so we left him behind.

Hold on.. what the time? 1pm? Did I mention anything about eating Lunch or Breakfast? The quick realization made us go in circles looking for a decent joint to grab a decent meal at a decent price (obviously downgraded our hopes from the previous adventures). After much circling, getting lost in the galle town and having to request a chap get in with us and show us directions back to the center, we (actually it was me) stumbled upon this place.

Sri Lankan Bath Kade

Sri Lankan Bath Kade

Man… it was the discovery of the century. A decent “bath kade” that sells rice and curry without the fancy names and fancy prices. Man did they have a deviled soya that made me forget about the fish curry we had ordered. Safe to say, we found it! Good food for a Damn Cheap Price! 3 of us ate like pigs (hope my muslim friends don’t mind the pun) and the bill was like 425 bucks, including 4 milo’s and some minute maid’s too. By far the Cheapest and most wholesome meal of the adventure.

While I stopped on the road side to grab a few Beers, the other two decided to hop across to the beach. What better way to complement a nice meal than a smoke at the edge of the sea? The smokers call it the Icing on the Cake I hear.

Chilling at the Water Front

Chilling at the Water Front

Stony Beach

Stoney Beach

Jungle Beach.. was supposed to be like the beach featured in the beach (movie). So stopping and asking for directions would be out of the question (or so we thought) and headed out armed with the vital information of “Take the turn-off to your right as soon as you Pass the Holcim Cement Factory”. Surprisingly we found the turn off without over shooting (like we’re known for) and stopped to ask for direction just to check. Lo and behold the people around there know about it too. (Damn!!) It’s a decent climb, thankfully we were in the car up hill. 🙂 You know you’ve gotten there, when you come across a bare patch and see an obliging old man ready to guard your vehicle for some change. The view from the top is just amazing, and gives you that extra adrenaline to hurry down.

View from the Top

View from the Top

and another

and another

From there onwards it’s down hill, through some rough thickets and a house or two.

Friends working their way down

Friends working their way down

The closer you get, you catch glimpses teasers of what to expect.

Teasers through the Thickets

Teasers through the Thickets

Once on the beach it’s like a mix of heaven and a scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean (if you can picture the both together that is). Uncanny but true. While the beach is serene the sand has been replaced by tiny bits of coral either eroded or blown up and washed on to the shore, covering it. The same as the bone filled shores in Dead Man’s Chest.

Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach

Unfortunately for us, it was high tide and the surf was rough and there was less of a beach strip. To add to that, the beach hadn’t been clean and it was washing up dirty polythene, regifoam boxes etc. While we were there, a few colombians and foreigners stumbled upon the place too, but didn’t hang around too long. All I could manage with the Spaniards was “Nadaal” and they kept going “Men Sin”. Hmm. After picking up some corals, a few chilled beers and some gudang we decided to make the long climb up hill. Man were we totally gone by the end of that climb. Yet again an adventure in it’s own and well worth it.

We hit Harmony in search of some Herbs and ended up hanging around longer, as the music was nicer and the crowd was good, and knew more or less everyone. In the process of acquiring the said Herbs, one of the Z’s whose tolerance are very low (as we discovered through out the previous nights) was offered a few (3 to be exact) puffs of hash their itself, and sadly was knocked out by 8pm. Majour bummer on our plans. Had to drag the fellow to the rave, and assign a baby sitter, and literally pour Red Bull down his throat to keep him up.

The Rave on Saturday was a Sausage Fest, by no exaggeration. Apparently the Coppers felt sorry for the Hikka Boys out side and convinced the chaps at the gate to let them catch some action as well, and catch/grope/feel they did. (I’m told). There were very much less colombians, who apparently had been partying at Vibrations, but due to the extremely high/flying bugger who was rather immobile, our plans were cut short and we decided to call it a night and head to the rooms. I know, the most peaked up night was the worst. Such is life. Atleast we had two Good nights before, imagine those folk who came all the way from Colombo paying 2k just for Sat night.

Glam Slam Dancer

Glam Slam Dancer

Day 4
Got up, and first thing was to check whether there was water. After confirmation, got into bed and chilled around a bit. Not like you could sleep with the Sound of Real-FM blaring out through loud speakers conveniently placed next to each hotel (or atleast next to ours). To add to this that darn Mobitel promotion that kept going up and down with a Papare hooked onto Speakers in an open truck. Incidently Grumpy was woken up and thought they were bombing the Galle Harbour or something close by. Hilarious.

So hoping to make amends for last night and the last day in this Paradise, we decided to check out the Wind Surfing competition happening at the Hikkaduwa Village. While the activity seemed fun, we hardly knew any one there and seemed the total outcasts, packed with a well built hikka boys and a few foreigners who were down with it. Scrubbing that off the list, we decide it’s time we hit a Real beach. Where else but Unawatuna?



The surf was still a bit rough and the place was packed with local holiday makers and dotted with Suddhis and Suddhas sunbathing. We managed to climb up and walk about in the serene surroundings at the Unawatuna Temple and click away as usual.

This way up

This way up

Dagaba at Unawatuna

Dagaba at Unawatuna

Met up with a few friends who had been hanging out at the Unawatuna Offshore thingy, apparently Sat had been packed there too. After getting a proper/nice dip in the waters (ironically on the last day) those chaps had a rugger ball. If you know me, there are only a very few occasions that I pass an opportunity to play some tap/touch on the beach, and by heavens I wasn’t going to miss this one. Some interesting alterations were made to the rules, to accomadate the girls and they were pretty decent at it I must say. After creaming the opposition and a wee bit tired (surprisingly the caffeine from the Red Bulls were still active from the previous night) we decided to call it quits. Definitely one of the highlights of our adventure and the Icing on the Cake. After all how could one spend 4 days on the beach and not play tap? That’s like having a bath without soap, as my friend coined it.

After calling and checking whether our take away brownie order is ready, we hurry off to the Pedlars Inn. Indulge our selves with a Vanilla and Chocolate Milk Shake (our lunch) and a game of Chaka Blass while the brownies are carefully wrapped to survive the tracherous drive back to Colombo, along with our other belongings and corals and not to forget the Chocolate Rotti.

Chaka Blass

Chaka Blass

On the way we stopped trying to locate whether the Jazz Festival was happening, but no one seemed to know anything about it. So thoroughly disappointed (was looking forward to it) we made our way back to home. Yes, I dunno whether you feel it, but the worse part of trips is when you have to go back home. The roads were packed and I tried my best not to lose the cool, the radio blasting out tunes helped along with the constant “Chill Machang” coming from the back.

Drive Back

The Drive Back

(Yes, yes.. that’s me!! You also know the type of car my mum lets me drive, and.. whose sitting on my dashboard)

All in all, it was :

  • A nice break away from the stresses back home, with wedding planning and moving into a new job.
  • Hell of a Party! (The Drum Fest and Raves)
  • Killer adventure (Discovering jungle beach, walking on the Ramparts etc)
  • Most importantly a chance to catch up with my best friends (incidentally my groomsmen) from school, just like the old times. Bonding.
  • A realization that you can have a damn good holiday without getting wasted (something Cindy was hoping for). Surprisingly as opposed to many at Hikka my consumption could be totaled to 5 bottles of beer, 2 arrack shots, 1 smirnoff shot and 1 tequila shot. For 4 days mind you.
  • All you need is a good set of friends who are “up for anything, at the spur of a moment” 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the read, as much as I enjoyed narrating and re-living the experience in my own little way. For the bigger pictures you can check out my Flickr stream or double click on the image and then go to “All Sizes” (Like you already didn’t know). You’ll soon realize that I lack the skills and equipment of the Pro’s out there, but always ready to learn. 🙂

Those who are lucky enough unfortunate enough to be my FB Friend, have the added advantage burden of going through all 5 (yes 5.. you are missing out) of my FB Albums while keeping these posts as references to the story behind the picture.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. August 18, 2008 10:46 am

    cool trip….

  2. August 18, 2008 1:47 pm

    jungle beach is best between december and’s pretty crap this time of year bc it’s off-season, but certainly worth a re-visit during season.

  3. August 19, 2008 9:49 pm

    poojitha : Indeed.. it was..

    ddm : Yup.. so we were told. Just thought we’d check out the place anyhow, since we were close by. more than anything it was the fact that no body had cleaned the place, was what put us off.

  4. January 4, 2009 8:08 pm

    hey man… i heard about the jungle beach a couple of days ago and i’m planning to go there with a couple of friends. i’m a big fan of the movie (the beach) and when i heard about this place i just wanted to pack up and go.

    where is the turn from? is it unawatuna? and can we camp there?

  5. January 4, 2009 9:57 pm

    Definetely a site not to be missed. I just hope it’s the season, coz when we went the tide was too high.

    The turn off is way before unawatuna. Abt 2-3km passing Galle. The turn off is to the Right, opposite the Holcim Factory.

    The irony abt this whole secluded beach is that, you ask anybody around and they’d give you directions. It’s just a matter of time till they put up a sign board. Have fun!!

  6. January 6, 2009 12:25 pm

    thanks man hoping to go soon 🙂

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