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Goodbye You Stern Old Man

June 9, 2008
  • You were a constant pain. Nagging us not to do this and that. Throwing us out the moment the clock struck 10.
  • No amount of whining and sad faces could convince you to give us a break.
  • You were a big snitch. There is absolutely nothing you kept from Aunty.

Despite all this, we’re still going to miss you, the next time we walk in to the home we love soo much. The familiar faces of Rupe, Wijey and co will still be there. But the keeper of the home, will not be there to be seen, in his white sarong and white shirt. The grim look on the face. Almost a very few words uttered, only if spoken too (in stark contrast to the others who constantly entertain us with useless jabberings).

Oh well. I hope you get to spend the rest of your days in peace. Without us meddlesome teenagers (ok ok.. so I’ve grown a bit older since then) to bother you.. while wondering where they can find a replacement who can show soo much love to the place as you did.

Good Bye, Good luck and Kudos to you Methelis Uncle. 🙂

A better written tribute to the old codger (than my ramblings) can be found here.

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