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Bomb Blast near Moratuwa University

June 6, 2008

I will chose to be very matter of fact about this. After all if the miliray spokesman can show no concern and report this like a TV Reporter, reporting a flat tire on a bus. Why should I bother?

Ok. Happy? No.. coz I’m human.. and I can’t fucking hide my emotions. WTF!! Is this what you achieved Mahinda Rajapakse? You have successfully brought war to Colombo. Well Done.

Wonder how many Uni students were affected. Damn. The Pride of Mora. Ahhggrrr. Also wondering abt the side story abt 2 students being arrested in connection.

*Pic taken off Daily Mirror.

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  1. June 6, 2008 7:06 pm

    as expected emotion have deprived you of clarity of thought.
    for instance you make reference to colombo . are you saying that war or “peace” with ltte is acceptable when suffering due to violence ( due to ltte at all times either war or peace, and sometimes due to military attempt to defeat ltte ) it is not in colombo?
    if you want to express moral outrage you feel, make sure that you get your moral principles in order first.

    btw only way we cannot have bombs in colombo buses is either by obeying ltte in all things ( which will alway find means to go after soft targets some of which inevitably successfully, so will alway be in position to threaten us with demands) or by defeating ltte.
    which one do you choose?


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