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RoyTho 2008 The One Day – Was it worth it?

April 5, 2008

The P. Sara Stadium aka Oval (Stealing a quick run)

The match committee (aka organizing committee from both schools) decided to change the venue of the One Day back to P. Sara Stadium more familiarly known as the Oval and the home ground of the Tamil Union. This caused a huge up-row.. but unfortunately not big enough to commit any change. A lot of enthusiasm was lost, you’d ask anyone whether they’d be going for the One Day and the standard response would have been “Not sure machan.. Don’t know which stand to go even..”.

The fact that ticket prices despite being at the Oval were rocketed upto 600-700 bucks a piece had me, the ardent supporter on the fence too. If your thinking I’m mising on 700 bucks.. well pls take into account Cindy’s ticket and ofcourse the alcohol. Luckily our good friend had access to Dialog Stand tickets, so we only had to worry abt our bellies.. Alcohol and Food. Sounds good to me. 🙂

Due to transport issues we found our selves there relatively early.. with a huge cloud hanging just over the grown.. it still looked beautiful.. more scenic than the SSC.. it’s been some quite a while sine I’ve been here.. the last I rem was when Gamini saved the match with that century. I found time to take a few clicks of the ground and the match.. while the crowd was trickling in around 11am. By 12 it was packed and the papare had begun and the folks with the alcohol were yet to arrive. So I had to do with a 3 coins.. ack.. that’s bitter..

Definitely Not Mine.. ack

Meanwhile on the pitch.. well is anybody really interested in my narration of the match? I didn’t think so.. just in case I though our chaps did bloody well to come back from a crappy start (deja-vu to big match).. makes me think we’ve gotten the batting order all mixed.. and specially to bring tha match down to the last over was just brilliant.. although it wasn’t nail biting it was pretty much on the feet stuff.. good show Royal!!

Congratulating the Half Centurion

In the midst of this the all important Big Match thirst quencher arrived, and I was filling to the brim.. ok not as radical as 2 weeks back.. but pretty hefty shots to get me in the mood. On a sidenote does any of you agree that Local Smirnoff tastes more like Rum these days? I wasn’t half sure whether my Mango friends were pulling my leg.

The Crowd (to my right I think..)

All in all the crowd was good. Nice to have some “Thora” buggers bext to you to egg you on.. Match was a triller.. worth watching.. not a one sided affair.. Cindy had compony and I believe had a good time too.. although this time she wasn’t counting the shots your trully was gulping down (maybe she had a mental note) all in all bloody good!! Too bad Bradby can’t be like this! Come Bradby your trully will be concentrated on the match and shoutng his guts out at the fly who things he can run it alone and that bloody ref who cant see 2 feet ahead.

I hope I answered the question.

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