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Eh Raptha-ra-ra-RAAA…… Big Match Fever Continues!

March 13, 2008

Disclaimer – Explicit Content!! Read at your own risk!

Sinhala Fonts (Unicode) can be download for both Linux and Windows.

raptha-ra-ra-ra eh raptha-ra-ra-ra
raptha-ra-ra raptha-ra-ra-raptha-raaaa

good morning mr murphy
god bless ur heart and soul
i came to fuck ur daughter
but i couldnt find her hole


and when i found her hole
then i put it in
god bless me mr murphy
i couldn’t pull it out


and when i pulled it out
then she began to shout
forgive me mr. murphy
i put it in her mouth


there was a Girl from LC
she was a little bit crazy
then she went to BC
and became a patta wesi


once i went to derbyshire
sat on a rock
all the girls in derbyshire
came to suck my cock


there was a man from madras
who’se balls were made of brass
in stormy weather
they clashed together
and sparks flew out his arse


georgie porgie pudding and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry
And when the boys came out to play
He kissed them too coz he was gay



ඩෙන්න ඩෙනා නා ඩෙන ඩෙන ඩෙනා ඩෙනෝ
දෙන්න ගිහිං මගෙ ඇට දෙක සින්න වුනෝ

අඔ ගහ මුදුනේ ටකේ බඳින්නේ
ටකේ ලණුව ගෙන පකේ බඳින්නේ
ජාමෙන් ජාමෙට පක නැකිටින්නේ
පක නැකිටිනකොට ටකේ වදින්නේ


මොකද නංගී මයිල් නැත්තේ චිච්චියේ
අයියේ මම ඉපදුනේ මැදවචියේ
මයිල් එන්න ඇතිල්ලුවා බිත්තියේ
එකයි පකෝ මයිල් නැත්තේ චිච්චියේ


ඇරපිය ඇරපිය ලුසියා දොර
මාළු කඩේ මාළු කඩේ තොරා මම
කැරි සුස්ටිය සුස්ටිය පත්තුකර
ගන්නට ඇරපිය ලුසියා දොර

විශාකාච පැත්තේ
ලොකු ලොකු චිද්යාගාර ඇත්තේ
Test Tube නැත්තේ
එවා ඇත්තේ උංගෙ හුත්තේ

[Author’s note : Above song has nasty repercussions. Last time this was sung some of my friends took a tumble in a pick up. Apparently the Visakian driver begged to differ.]

1.. 2.. 3.. 4!


LC එක පැත්තේ
ලොකු ලොකු හුත්තවල් ඇත්තේ
එවා අපට  ලොකු නැත්තේ
උංගෙ හුත්තේ මහන්තත්වේ

1.. 2.. 3.. 4!


Hope reading/singing through got you into the “Big Match Mood”.. after all it’s Thursday.. opening day of the BIG MATCH.. can’t wait till tmrw.. to DIVE IN TO IT!!

By the way, in no terms was this post intended to be  a “What to shout at Big Matches” follow up to the popular “What to Shout at Rugger Matches“.. simply b’coz nobody is interested in the Cricket at a Big Match!

  • Guys – Will either be  :
    • Drunk out of their minds, bellowing out some of the above tunes OR passed out OR in the process of passing out.
    • Picking a fight with either an equally drunk bugger or an innocent bugger who seems like easy bait to show off his masculinity.
    • Arms tightly wrapped around their beloved better half (probably clad in jeans and a halter top) eying for those who are eying his prized possession.
    • If they’re none of the above, they probably are single and sober. Aka the guys who are eying the hotties (mentioned above)  cuddled up in their guys arms.
    • If they still don’t fall into any category they probably are in the “Boys Tent” eyes on the pitch, waving their flags and drinking milk packets and sucking on “ice-palams” (colloquial term for popsicle), not knowing what a different world exists on the other side of the ground… ignorance is bliss??
  • Girls :
    • Girl Friend – Already mentioned above.
    • Single Girl – Normally found in a pack (of like minded giddy friends), who’ll probably be entertaining them selves at the mercy(mercy? as if the guys don’t like female companionship?) of 2 or 3 guys. Constantly finding excuses to keep visiting the food stall thereby increasing the attention drawn to them, as they pass you.
    • Daddy’s Little Girl – Probably begged and pleaded with her Dad to take her to the match, only to see girls her age talking with boys etc, and feel more missed out, and make up her mind to ditch dad next year.
    • None of the above? Or yes. The married/engaged/hitched category. Probably sitting there, keeping the bottle cooler company watching their husbands get piss drunk and bellow out the above songs. Or ice pack in hands, nursing their already passed out husband/fiance.

What ever the category you may fall into let this post serve you as :

  • “What to sing at Big Matches” -or-
  • Guide to know “What the Hell they are singing at Big Matches”.

As for the meanings of some of the words in the bawdy songs, please feel free to consult your closest male friend who will curse me first, read my post(hopefully) and then finally (if your lucky) explain them to you.

For more songs feel free to join the Facebook group “Bawdy Songs” set up by one of my friends.

If your a minor and you have come thus far, please note that you have spent enough time for us to track your IP Address and thereby obtain your address and post a copy of this site along with the time you viewed it to your parents. So good luck kid. Your grounded. No Big match for you! Boo ha ha ha! 😀

Hey if Bill Gates can track emails, why can’t I track minors illegally accessing adult content? 😉

If I offended any of you, what can I say you were pre-warned. If your curiosity got the better of you, it’s not my fault.

Since I would have scared off any meddling kids and “offended types” by now,  please feel free to let me know your fav.. comments section is open.. (the only time I will permit abusive content in my comment box.. so go ahead make use of it.. )  😀

15 Comments leave one →
  1. March 13, 2008 9:21 am

    Oh man did you have to post this… the one thing that could make me go nuts even more for missing the match this year, and you had to post it 😛

    But seriously its absolutely brilliant of you post this 😀

    Go ROYAL!!!

  2. March 13, 2008 11:19 am

    Thanks Dili.. good luck with ur exams mate..

    Sinhala Fonts – if your finding it hard to install the s/w on windows just download these and put them in your FONTS folder under WINDOWS.

  3. March 13, 2008 11:31 am

    jesus thats vulgar! i only ever knew the first stanza, with good reason obviously! is fucking all you boys ever think of??! 😛

  4. March 13, 2008 11:36 am

    eha gedara rathu samba
    meha gedara sudu samba
    umbe thaaththa ata gemba
    dekata nawala puka imba

    eha gedara jambu ate
    meha gedata pera ate
    umbe thaaththage dakunu ate
    pataluna ne kambi wate

    as nathi kabaragoya
    pas nathi valata giya
    [insert name] kupadiya
    umbe ammawa hukala giya

    jack and jill went up the hill
    to fetch a pail of water
    we do not know what they did
    but now they have a daughter

    jack and jill went up the hill
    to have a bit of fun
    we do not know what they did
    but now they have a son

    2 and 2 is 4
    4 and 5 is 9
    i can piss in urs
    but u cant piss in mine

    (amendment/addition to father murphy)
    and when i found her hole
    underneath her frock
    damnit father murphy
    but i couldn’t find my cock

    good lord….hope u boys sing it well;)

  5. pinkboxinggloves permalink
    March 13, 2008 12:28 pm

    I love you! This is AWESOME! 🙂

  6. March 13, 2008 3:27 pm

    T : Us boys are easy to please, with simple pleasures… Alcohol, Food and Sex… (Some might argue with the order.. but I think the majority will agree with the order too).. So it’s only fair that while Drunk… we think about Fucking… he he

    Confab :I knew you’d come good mate… Cheers all the way.. so here’s the tripper of a question? Will you trade the incubus concert for 3 days of alcohol filled big match?

    pinkboxinggloves : err……. hmm……. ok! THANKS!! 🙂

  7. March 13, 2008 5:21 pm

    fuck that’s a trick question. but in all honesty, the big match is every year. and incubus was once in a life time:)…
    but never fear, il be back in time for next year’s roy tho…! jaya weva!

  8. March 16, 2008 6:23 am

    Simply superb… Best time of the year…

  9. Dayan permalink
    August 29, 2008 12:57 pm

    Just came across this cos i suddenly got a hena nostalgic feeling about the big match and the songs so googled limerics.. and voila! 🙂

    just to add to the Mr. Murphy section if you dont mind,

    Good morning Mr. Murphy,
    God bless your heart and soul,
    I came to fuck your daughter,
    But i couldnt find her hole!

    And then I found her hole,
    It was hidden in her frock,
    Believe me Mr. Murphy,
    I couldnt find my cock!

    And then i found my cock,
    It was hidden deep within,
    Believe it Mr. Murphy,
    I couldnt put it in!

    And then i put it in,
    Your daughter began to shout,
    Goddam it Mr. Murphy,
    I shoved it in her mouth!

    and btw cant wait for the next years big match!!!! lets go get drunk boys!!! :o) cheers!!!

  10. November 9, 2008 7:27 am

    එළ කිරි

  11. Sajan permalink
    November 25, 2008 11:10 am

    Can anyone send me the lyrics of other parts of Raptha Ra ra ra…………… made for the girls skools HFC,Vishaka , LC ….etc. Highly appreciated.


  12. chanaka permalink
    February 22, 2011 9:03 pm

    There Was a fellow from “Trinity”
    Who Ruined his sisters Virginity
    Who Rogered his Brother gave twins to his mother
    Now he is a dam of devility

  13. blacklash permalink
    April 10, 2011 9:12 am

    ube akki ape akki denim


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