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Cinderella Gets To Party

December 30, 2007


In fairy tale land, Cinderella has a curfew at 12 midnight. If she’s not home by the 3rd strike of the clock, her Prince Charming gets turned into a Pumpkin or worse a Toad. Wait a min, back in the day her fairy god mother wasn’t aware of Prince Charming, Cinderella used to get our of the house, on the pretext of going out with her “girl” friends. So maybe they’d turn into pumpkins or mice :-). Fortunately for them, we haven’t missed the curfew yet, to find out.

However, over the years (6 to be exact) we’ve managed to bend curfews, from 12 to 12.15 to 12.30, a big jump to 1am etc. While this time is sufficient for Dinner plus some Coffee plus chit chat and her girlie sessions (with Her friends) it is not justifiable to go Clubbing.

Hence, Prince Charming slowly grew out of the whole Clubbing scene, and found more simpler laid back pleasures with his friends at the popular water hole down Maitland Crescent.

Getting back to the point, yesterday was the big party of Prince Charming’s friend, Charming was planning to add some alcohol to the system and planning for a longer night. So an attempt was made to cajole the Fairy God Mother into letting the magic portion wear out a bit later than the norm. To my delight and surprise the deadline was extend till 2am. Maybe the fact that she is aware of the existence of Prince Charming and the fact that the Prince Charming is due to take the hand of his fair maiden next year, had something to do with it.

So after cabbing it to the Party location, saying the initial Hi’s, taking some pictures of the girls in their Face Book poses, it was time to get down to more serious business. The spread was impressive, if any complains to be made, it would be the fact of too much of a choice for the vodka lover. It has been a while since the system was refueled, a good 5 months me thinks after a crazy Bradby Trip to Kandy and before that the Big Match in March. As you can see Prince Charming has been a good boy this year, and Santa’s gift was indeed justified. I tell you the first shot after a while is sublime. The second one is better than that ( if that’s even possible) by the time you get to your third you start remembering what it was like, ages ago and start going through the usual motions. Now I know what the Car feels, when he gets his oil changed. Except that he doesn’t have to wait 5 months. 😉

Nectar of The Gods, Available in Differenet Flavours

What has this got to do with Cinderella you ask? Sorry deviation of topic.. can a grown man help it? Anyways the party seemed to be heading to a crashing stop by 12.30am, and since we had 1 1/2 hours to kill before I get turned into a Pumpkin or Toad, the gang decided lets go Clubbing. After 10 mins of discussing and coming to and agreement another 30 mins were spent on the “Traditional Sri Lankan Goodbyes”. For those who are not from the Island paradise, that is when you get up from your seat, say goodbye to everybody, find the host say goodbye to him, make a walking motion towards the exit, suddenly remember something about tomorrow night and converse with the girls, blah blah.. go to the door step and say good bye and chit chat comment on the party, move to your car open the door and say good bye and chit chat a bit more etc etc. Mind you these activities are carried out by the fairer sex. Guys from this island are known for there Abrupt goodbye’s and are not known for feeling bad that X didn’t say goodbye to him, but said goodbye to Y.

So by the time we get to the cars it’s 1am and the clock is ticking. Surprisingly enough we seemed to have enough cars but a certain lack of drivers due to the consumption of “Nectar Of The Gods”. Thankfully 2 lady friends jumped to the rescue and were duly handed over the reins to the chariots (maybe with a slight sense of “oh shit what did I just do?”). The other 2 chariots were entrusted to those lucky buggers who have an ID, with a tag line “State Counsel”. Apparently cops stand to attention and salute the bearers of these Id’s no matter how cock drunk they are.

So all the hype is abt.. Cinderella and I getting into a Club around 1.20am and spending a goodnight that lasted till 2.30am. Everybody was excited, especially the guys because extended curfew meant they got more time to hang out with Cinderella’s cousin. The club was packed, but I guess it’s expected on Sat night. The band sucked, but I don’t want to complain, was happy to move my feet (including the one I sprained earlier that night) and be close to Cinderella.

By the way for those of you who are wondering wasn’t the deadline 2am. Yes, but we’re in Sri Lanka ya? Who keeps to time in this little island paradise? Plus the fairy god mother was in dream land at the time Cinderella was dropped off, so I’m assuming she doesn’t know what time she got back. Hence I still have my human form, with a sprained ankle that’s gotten worse. 😉

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  1. diGa permalink
    December 31, 2007 1:49 pm

    Damn I missed it!!!

  2. diGa permalink
    December 31, 2007 6:45 pm

    p.s. welcome back machan 😉

  3. January 2, 2008 9:37 am

    Well I don’t think you can call it “Back” because you know.. the condition hasn’t gone away.. Hence I have to be Good.. and on “very selected occasions” be a bit naughty.. 😉

    So get ur ass back here, I’m saving up one of those occasions for you! 😀

  4. eva tricia permalink
    January 31, 2009 1:22 pm


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