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Christmas Wishes and a lil bit more from Chaar~Max

December 25, 2007

Christmas Tree at Galle Face Hotel

After some time waisted trying to think of a catchy title for this post, I finally settled for this. While I thought “Chaar~Max’s Christmas Message” was to the point, I started to Feel like Mr. Chinthana minus the Sash. So enough beating around the bush…

Merry Christmas! Not only to those who celebrate Christmas, but to ALL. May you be blessed with lot of Love, Joy, Laughter and a Ton of Presents. From PS3‘s to IPhone’s to Someone to Love, basically whatever that makes you simply Happy.

I firmly believe that if ALL of us are stuck in this teardrop of an island, we should celebrate all ceremonies as one. And the ideal place to start is with kids. Every kid should believe in Santa Claus, and put up a Christmas Tree (in which ever affordable way) in their homes, despite what religion they believe in. The same should follow for Vesak where everybody could join in the decorations with Vesak Lanterns. Not forgetting “Deepavali” where we all could light up all Lamps and add colour to our lives. So forth with a Muslim/Islam tradition as well (my ignorance shows here, as I can’t think of anything at the moment), but you get the idea. Basically one small step towards religious harmony, in our paradise isle. My wish for Christmas.

My other wish would be not to forget the less fortunate among us. Please make sure you can add a smile to someone out there. You would be surprised at how the simplest of things to us, go such a long way. For example like Lady Divine, I make it a point to clear out clothes that are chucked out in some corner of the wardrobe, and give it to the needy at the end of the year. So there you go, drop into an orphanage with some extra goodies you got, and see the smiles in their faces. I’ve still got this image plastered in my head of what Ammi explained when she took a cake to the orphanage. All the kids had been shouting saying “Cake Genawa”, I couldn’t go in (coz of the crappy parking down the lane, due to House of Fashion). If not, atleast give something to the beggar that you pass by on a daily basis and ignore him. Maybe he’s a fraud, maybe he’s a crook but that won’t take away from the satisfaction you gain by opening your heart to others.

With that thought in your head, let me share my Christmas with you.

This is our Christmas Breakfast. One those traditions Ammi is famous for. No turkey dinners at our house, plain old yummy breakfast. Although I must say I miss the Christmas dinners my Aunt used to cook for us when she was alive, specially her Christmas Pudding. My god the Brandy in that thing could get you caught for drunk driving. He he. Merry Christmas to you Nimal Aunty, where ever you are!

Christmas Breakfast

So if you were wondering what I got for Christmas.. the wait is over. No it was not a PS3 or an IPhone.. but Star Wars Monopoly! Adding the “geek” into Monopoly. If your a starwars fan, or your BF is one, rush down to ODEL Kids Section. Ironically it’s the cheapest Monopoly set there. 1000 bucks well spent on this Kid πŸ˜‰

Star Wars Monopoly

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  1. December 26, 2007 8:24 am

    Hey, good to know that there are more people who think on the same line.. πŸ™‚ Afterall, we live by what we get in life, but add meaning to life by what we give to others..:-)

    compliments of the season to you and may the new year ahead be a memorable one with everything that you wish for..:-)

  2. December 26, 2007 8:57 am

    You certainly aren’t alone, many ppl out there have generous hearts that specially feel the warmth during this festive season, in opening them more.

    As for me, I’ve always found my self blessed with decent clothes (not Designer/Fancy stuff but I ain’t complaining), so I was brought up with the notion that you get all this because you have been giving to others, and in order to keep the cycle going I need to keep giving this birth, and hopefully the next one’s will be blessed too.

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