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Breaking News or Broken News?

December 20, 2007

Is this Govt. selling the War? A question many folks might agree and an equal amount might disagree. Today I found my self lazing around the TV after dinner, the family’s Teledrama time. Starting from 7.30pm to 9.00pm from ITN to Sirasa to Rupavahini. Well incidently it was around 8.45pm and it was a Tele on Rupavahini when my attention was grabbed by a Crawler (you can see what an avid teledrama fan I am) which reads “Await Breaking News”.

Well the wait was not long. 2 mins after, the program was interrupted to bring the so called Breaking News. Apparently Prabhakaran has been injured by an Air Raid.

Geez. This is the breaking news, they interrupt a program for? Couldn’t they have found out abt it an hour earlier so they could make the 8.00pm news program? I mean if they had dropped by they’d have come across Jeyraj’s article or Defencenet post, which seems much more believable than the Govt. news bulletin, which claimed military intelligence had confirmed reports as to the presence of the self proclaimed savior of the Tamil People, in the area. If so were they not intelligent enough to drop a few bunker busters as opposed to MK80’s (as disclosed by Defencenet) is a question for another day. Leave alone Kottu, my whole office was talking about the Rumors when they came to work this week. So what I am trying to say is Rupavahini.. where have yo been living all this time?

By the way, don’t get me wrong, I will be one of the happiest to see the remains of that Fat Pussy. What I hate is, when the War is used as a tool, just to stay in power, and for personal reasons.

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