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Embarrassing Family Dinners

December 18, 2007

The problem with Family, is that it consists of too many individuals. Too many individuals with varying interests, opinions and more importantly tolerance levels. Finding the ideal place to eat good hearty meal is harder, as the people increase. Especially when a certain few individuals expect 5 star service for a reasonable price. In other words, they expect a table as soon as they walk-in, a waiter to take the order as soon as their seated and most importantly the order to arrive in 15mins max. You’d say these are all fair expectations, the point is 1 out of 10 times your not going to get what you want. In such a case, I’d just buck up and make a few jokes on how they must be still catching the chicken or something like that depending on dishes we order. The uncles on the other hand want to speak to the big boss and make a big scene. Very embarrassing. 😦

Therefore experimenting with new places, for family dinners are out of the question because, most of time something will go wrong and you get the blame for suggesting the place. So this year, my moms treat, although I wanted to take them to “Flag n Whistle”, when I called them to make the reservation, they informed me that the main area is booked for a function, and we can have the lounge and there might be noise courtesy of the DJ for the function.

Big Noise, big no no! Immediately told my mum, that it’s not going to work and convinced her to we’d go to the tried and tested “Flower Drum”, after all we hadn’t been there after the refurbishment. So expecting that nothing can go wrong, after all this was the place that, those certain picky uncles loved to bits, and claimed the “Best Chinese Restaurant in Town” etc.

So the 11 of us were chucked in to what they called the “Fan Room” and soon realized that we were sharing the room with a bunch of noisy teenagers. Thankfully that lot went a few mins after we walked in and everything seemed normal. Another lot of teens walked in, and seemed to be having a good time, with varying noise levels which were certainly tolerable compared to the previous lot.

Embarrassment #1

One of my uncles who was already high on the alcohol he’d consumed at our place before setting off for dinner, just blurted out “EXCUSE ME” when the other lot at the other table started bugging someone for a speech. I was like “Oh Crap”, that is not the way you go about things. If he had mentioned that it was a bit too noisy, I would have gone over and talked to them and said something like “Machang, can you keep it down a bit, or something like that”. Thankfully there wasn’t an immediate drop of volume, to make it more embarrassing, instead it was a gradual drop. Anyway by that time all our faces were red.

What was more embarrassing was that one of the guys had the decency to apologize for the noise when they were walking out, and the only thing I could mouth was “It’s okay machang”. Bummer.

Embarrassment #2

My mom, wanting to hide her age, and still be hip avoids wearing her reading glasses out of the house. However the gray strands in her hair kind of defeats the purpose, but she refuses to listen to me. Without glasses she can’t read the bill, so she hands me the money [yes, she’s afraid of using her Visa Debit Card too, and she works as a Manager at a Bank.. kinda ironic] to pay the bill. So when we’re all done I make a notion to the Waiter, instead of saying “Cheaque Please” [does anyone know, why that doesn’t make sense?]. The chap bring the bill, and the amount is greater than what my mom estimates, so I pull my wallet, and thankfully find the right amount and count the notes under the table and hand it over to the chap. Now this idiot decides to count the notes in front of everybody,

  1. Giving everybody an idea of how much my mum spent on them
  2. Giving me the idea, that I was trying to pay them less and make a run for it.

I was bloody wild, and embarassed, but considering the previous events I decided to keep it inside. There you that’s “Family Dinner”! Are your Family Dinner’s as entertaining as mine?

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  1. Mia permalink
    December 18, 2007 10:14 am

    Hilarious post! Nicely put together. Loved reading every bit, especially about the mother refusing to wear glasses in public.Thoroughly enjoyed reading it .

  2. December 18, 2007 1:27 pm

    He he thanks… my mum will kill me or disown me…when she finds out.. wonder which is worse… if it’s the latter, I guess only Santa will be giving me a X’Mas present this year. 😦

  3. December 18, 2007 1:29 pm

    Nice post man , loved reading it , cant say I love the new theme though , u should at least show one full post , almost skipped this post because I was too lazy to click 🙂

  4. abeeth permalink
    December 20, 2007 1:15 am

    TRUE! TRUE! TRUE! my grandpa is totally the ‘excuse me’ type of person. Oh man…and the last time it happened, he was screaming at the manager because his glasses fell off into the abyss under the lift and there was no one get it for him.:S
    Nice post. enjoyed it.: )

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