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Are we prepared for war?

July 19, 2007
For a long time since the mistakes made like Black July, Sri Lankans as a whole have come to the realization of the hard truth that this Ethnic Conflict (which in my books is more a power struggle, the true ethnic conflict was over way before the 2nd or 3rd Ealam War started) cannot be won by war, but a negotiated peace settlement. Atleast that’s what the majority believed, including my self.

However if you haven’t noticed together with the media, there is a small hype being created for continued war. Specially with this nonsensical brandishing of the Thoppigala victory. Either I’m dumb or can anybody see where all this is heading? Isn’t it what you call Politicalisation of the War, and those who sacrficed their lives for the war.

This is how I see it :

Mahinda made loads of promises (“Chinthanaya”) that he hasn’t been able to deliver. People are sick of the rising cost of every bloody consumable known to us, that there basically sick of this Govt. In order to shift our focus, this chap is putting this war in our faces, with the help of nearly all media stations and todays “Mini Independence” ceremony.

I mean what is he trying to say :

“That this war CAN be won, and to keep HIM in power come election time”.

What does he really mean :

“You fools as long as I can get you to believe that this war can be won, this war can be justified. So can the spending on my Range Rovers, the cut I have from the MIG’s and flying my wife and children in a Helicopter from Kandy to Colombo on a daily basis. After all there is a war going on! So my stupid mistakes in governance and policy making can be covered up.”

The sad truth is :

Mahinda (if he has his way) is not going to end this war, like many chaps in the armed forces want to, but pro-long it for another 10 years by which time he would have completed his second term as Exec President and probably have one of the members of the Rajapakse clan running for President. Just to ensure the continuity of their power, and the down fall of Sri Lanka as what we know it.

And courtesy of those plans he presents to you “Nagenahira Navodaya”

3 Days of inconveniencing public with road blocks, waisting the time setting up security check points around the premises, where these chaps should be stationed in Thoppigala, guarding what we won (or is the agreement that we have to hand it over after the celebrations..), the millions of public funds waisted on a stupid show off that could be done with.

My opinion :

What ever celebrations should be done in Thoppigala. Not in Colombo. Not because it’s going to inconvenience me, but it’s the folks in Thoppigala who deserve the celebrations, after all they were the one’s who lost their homes during the battle. It’s the soldiers who gave there lives who deserve the Honour, not the president and his cronies. It’s their families that should get the money, that is being spent, and the celebrations should be for those soldiers who fought extreme hardship to win the battle.

Ranil’s boo boo :

Yup he does it again. While trying to give out the same message what does he go and do? Calls Thoppigala a “Jungle”. While on the outset it is, calling it is only going to rub salt in the eyes of the Soldiers who fought for it, and he’s basically putting his neck (I was thinking of something more graphic… but then again) out between the door, and giving the Govt the opportunity to slam the door on it! Just like the “Chewing Gum and Bracelet Story”.

All I can say is that all this stupid crap is turning people. Specially those in the rural areas (who were initially brain washed by him in the first place.. then after the election realized that they them selves were the suckers…) who thought of a negotiated peace settlement are now telling them selves.. “Ok so if we won Thoppigala.. we might as well finish the rest!”

As for the reality of that happening will all have to wait and see… and this blog post will remain here.. as it doesn’t have to it’s breath.

Pic Courtesy of : Daily Mirror

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  1. Voice in Colombo permalink
    July 19, 2007 8:33 am

    Mate, I agree with you for most part of it, except for the fact that “this war cannot be won”.

    I hope, you too believe that (Like me) there are two big seperate problems to solve in this country. (If not more than that!). One is terrorism, and the other is ethnic conflict. many people confuse these 2. And go on to say, “Ethnic problem cannot be solved by war, so we should put an end to this war, and try to talk with LTTE”.

    True, that the ethnic problem cannot be solved by the war. But the terrorism can. Only solution for terrorism is, to beat them by military power. We will NEVER BE ABLE to come to a negotiated solution with the LTTE. Once the LTTE is defeated by military power, then we can talk about the ethnic problem.

    I don’t have 100% faith that Mahinda will end this war during his term. You are right, that he’s now too much into propeganda work, rather than actual meaninful work.

    But still, Mahinda & his government is the only hope for us to defeat LTTE at war. Clearance in East is a good something, for us to keep faith. And, hopefull I look forward they will continue into capturing tiger possitions in north. I only hope. But I don’t trust. Because, there’s nothing else for us to hope or trust in this country. Ranil is hopeless, and JVP is headless.

    I end this comment, with one of my favorite quotes about LTTE. I wonder why people don’t understand this truth, and keep believing in a negotiated solution with LTTE.

    “There is one important lesson that we learn, unlearn, relearn and sometimes forget or are forced (not to remember): The LTTE does not want peace, does not understand peace, does not know the basic principles of democracy and civilized conduct,”

  2. Chaar~Max permalink
    July 19, 2007 9:20 am

    Well I too agree to your comment.. atleast most of it.. the rest is the grey area for me.

    That can the LTTE be totally annihilated? Not just bumping Prabha? or Tamilselvam? The last thing we want is another Iraq. Where small militia groups form, and constantly cause havoc all over and then one day form into another LTTE.

    I think we need to put more thinking and emphasis to solve the ethnic crisis. I know the easy way is to win the war, and do this but we must play a bigger role in reconstruction and improving there lively hoods. After all if we dont win there trust, they’re still going to rout for the LTTE.

    And your definitely not going to earn anything but detest by throwing stupid celebrations over here, when ppl over there are suffering.

    And the logic of calling it an Independence, means that he has already excepted Ealam and Thoppigala was a separate state all this while.

    As for the political parties… in my opinion :

    JVP :

    Will always say do this do that, but when they get to do things, they are as good as the rest. Basically a bunch of morons who only to criticize but cannot put there words to actions. This country is losing soo much of money because of the Trade unions controlled by them and the SLFP too…

    Mahinda :

    Well alot of ppl had hope for his policies but it’s just the same crap different way. I think he’s just using this to cover up all his mistakes.

    I have to agree with you on one things. He’s the only guy with the Balls to finish this thing in a total military manner (whether it be the right or wrong decision), but will have made enough money from this war before he finishes it, is yet to be seen. Maybe after he builds a house in Switzerland, launches Mihin Air globally and his Bank becomes a house hold name among his other ventures.

    Ranil :
    I am sure alot of ppl will disagree to what I am going to say, but I will say it.

    Ranil is a good leader. A brilliant thinker, most of the time way too advanced for Sri Lanka, but he’s never going to WIN an election.

    Why? Because he’s too lazy. He waits for the victory to come to him, and his gentleman politics is screwing him.

    But if one day, (if by some luck, the other johns in the UNP win it for him) he’ll bring a settlement to this issue. He scripted the Karuna break up, and weakened the LTTE. I’m sure there is more up his sleeve, just that we dont have the luck to see them.

    ///The LTTE does not want peace, does not understand peace, does not know the basic principles of democracy and civilized conduct///

    Unless they’re pushed into a corner and forced into it, with no other option. The Tamil people them selves will decide as to whether how democratic they are then.

  3. Mahen permalink
    July 19, 2007 11:33 am

    You are pretty spot on here. A military victory, however convincing it may be, will by no means mean that this conflict is over. It can very well turn another Iraq. The LTTE may not have control over the area, however you can be rest assured that they will continue to explode bombs and kill people in the respective area and all over the country.

    Unfortunately the public of our country can be easily emotionally provoked to supporting war.

    This is perfect for those fattening themselves off the war, namely the leaders of the LTTE and the leaders of the government.

  4. David Blacker permalink
    July 20, 2007 6:52 am

    The thing is a lot of Mahinda’s target market is quite happy with the conduct of things. And I don’t mean just the rural masses, but supposedly elite, educated Sinhalese (some of whom live in he west). This thread on DefenceNet’s a good example:

  5. Kaiser Kobayashi permalink
    July 20, 2007 3:19 pm

    *grins* 🙂 no relevance to this post…but…thanks for the update about me being on Lakbima news…:) heheh sorry for the late response but i’ve been REALLY caught up with studies so i havent had ANY time to blog, comment or even browse…so thanks again and if you dont mind i have facebook to attend to…heheh cheers man….thanks! Kaiser! (dragons of eden)

  6. Chaar~Max permalink
    July 21, 2007 6:56 am

    DB : Well you always will have a few war mongers in both camps. My post is just pointing out what you said, Mahinda with the help of the media and his own propaganda machine is converting many conservatives to war mongers. Now I’m sure I’m going to be labeled as a traitor to “Mother Lanka”… which is not the case… I’m just totally against some ass making money off, when those lads in the north are thinking that thy’re dying for a cause.

    KB: No worries mate. Just thought I’d give you a heads up. By all means go to ur Facebook. After all that’s the main reason my posts are reclining, too much time on commenting on silly threads and photo-comments. I’m sure facebook has taken over internet bandwidth on porn surfing. 🙂

  7. Chaar~Max permalink
    July 21, 2007 2:52 pm

    KB=KK 🙂

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