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63rd Bradby Shield Video – 2007

July 16, 2007
Royal College managed to regain the Bradby Shield and bring it to it’s rightful resting place this year. I thought I’d post the links to the videos of both the legs. The delay in posting is coz, Rapidshare took ages to upload each file.
So hope this is worth for those who missed the match, specially those who are abroad, and for those of you who want to re-kindle the match again.

Bradby Shield 1st Leg (Kandy) – 9th June 2007

  1. bradby-1stleg-2007-01
  2. bradby-1stleg-2007-02
  3. bradby-1stleg-2007-03
  4. bradby-1stleg-2007-04
  5. bradby-1stleg-2007-05
  6. bradby-1stleg-2007-06
  7. bradby-1stleg-2007-07
  8. bradby-1stleg-2007-08
  9. bradby-1stleg-2007-09

Bradby Shield 2nd Leg (Colombo) – 23rd June 2007

  1. bradby-1stleg-2007-01
  2. bradby-1stleg-2007-02-part1
  3. bradby-1stleg-2007-02-part2
  4. bradby-1stleg-2007-03-part1
  5. bradby-1stleg-2007-03-part2
  6. bradby-1stleg-2007-04
  7. bradby-1stleg-2007-05-part1
  8. bradby-1stleg-2007-05-part2
  9. bradby-1stleg-2007-06-part1
  10. bradby-1stleg-2007-06-part2

PS – The part files are rar’s broken into two parts. You’ll need to download both to unrar(extract) the file.

Happy Downloading!

Photo Courtesy of : Vishkid

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  1. SpectralCentroid permalink
    July 16, 2007 12:08 pm

    Thanks a lot bro

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