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"Charrmax" on LakbimaNews courtesy of Rajpal

July 12, 2007
Well the newest heat on the Blogsphere is courtesy of Rajpal. So I don’t need to get into the minor details, if your an avid reader of the Kottu community, you’d know. If not here are some places you could start.

  1. Rhythmic Diaspora
  2. Cerno
  3. Pissu-Perera
  4. Sanjana

So hoping you didn’t get lost in the blogs above, I’ve been silent all along coz, the article they ripped from me didn’t make it to their website –, but was copied word for word, picture to picture.

You can be the judge of it…. The Original Post – “What to Shout at Rugger Matches”

Not only have they copied everything but they have copied my “Bonus”… which any Editor in their right mind would have a problem stating in their news papers. Wonder what Mr. Brian Thomas has to say abt it.

So now that you know how unprofessional these folks (Mr. Rajpal specially) are, here are my issues to a certain reply he (assuming it’s him/them) have posted on another blog.

Anonymous said… Hi Mr Rhythmic etc., (others)
First thing, we tried to contact you, but it’s not possible in most of the blogs. We did contact some of the others though, who left contact e mails.
You bloggers know that you are anonymous.
We’d like to publish the stuff you write, of course, more of it! Profuse apologies, but the reason was that we here were unable to contact you guys was your anonymity.
Maybe a post would have helped; but didn’t think about the exact efficacy of that. because we did post at some sites, with our contactsw, and nobody bothered to reply!
But then, it would have been difficult to give our contacts to you that way..
Anyway we like the comment that this is a tribute to Sri Lankan bloggers. If your stuff is good we’d like to publish — it’s in the public domain too. So I think you should have a positive take on it.
It’s not as if any stuff was published without credits.
Anyway, we’d like to publish more of your stuff; and as you may have noticed, 90 per cent of our still is NOT from blogsites, so its just that we’d like to use SOME good stuff that comes from blogs that are of relevance to Sri Lanka..
We’d also like to pay you — for anything published in the future, as well as what was published. We don’t pay enormously, but we pay reasonable rates.
So please write to us at, and we would like to get the payment across to you, if you furnish an address.
In the meanwhile, we’d like to use some more of the blogs — and we hope you can send some of your other material on the e mail so that we can publish it..
Many of the boggers we published — including some such as Mr Fazli Sameer have got on board, and we hope you do that too. They write EXCELLENT stuff, and were not so harried. We don’t expect the same reaction from everyone, but then we are trying to set the record straight here.
We would have liked to get you on board at the very outset, except that your contacts were not available. At least, they were not available at our scrutiny; maybe they were available somewhere.

Thanks then, and so here is to the blogosphre — and here is to the mainstream!! We’d publish more, I hope you can write to us at our e mail and we’ll use more of yours, and pay you as well.
Thanks and no offence,

‘Mr Lakbima’
those at Lakbimanews.

My reply :

Well Dear Mr. Lakbima,

This is with regard to the word-for-word copy and picture-to-picture copy of my post “What to shout at Rugger Matches” which was published on your paper under “Local Rugby Lingo” page 28 – July 8th 2007.

I would like to bring your attention to a few points, you mentioned that contradict certainly in my case.

1. ///First thing, we tried to contact you, but it’s not possible in most of the blogs. We did contact some of the others though, who left contact e mails.
You bloggers know that you are anonymous.///

Well all you had to do was leave a comment. Just like the one you left here.

2. ///If your stuff is good we’d like to publish — it’s in the public domain too.///

Just because it’s in the Public Domain it doesn’t give you the right to publish, without proper citation and stating the sources. Just mentioning the Blog Author’s name in the “by XXX” is not enough. That would give the impression that the Blog Author is writing for your paper, and indeed getting paid for it as well.

What you need to do is, state the source, as “Source –” or “Courtesy of“.

As in my case, I wish to bring your attention to the Creative Commons License that I have, I certainly hope you are aware of it, and that your are committing an illegal act. Also you had incorrectly spelt my name as “Charrmax”.

3. Are you going to take responsibility for the statement “Brian Homa”, as for I did not write it, with the idea of my publishing’s to get into the mainstream print media. I certainly hope you guys do a better job as editors, than blindly copy content without going through them properly, checking for what might cause an offense to others.

Lastly, it’s not that we (atleast myself) aren’t glad to get our writings published but, with proper attribution to Us and our Blog web sites.

I certainly hope you would be more careful, since this is not the first time that this has happened.


Contact Email – chaarmax-at-gmail-dot-com

I got one of my friends Confab to call the newspapers and this is what happened :

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been acknowledged, abused by and apologised to by Rajpal. The reason for this post? Just to make sure the blog sphere (and the ever intrusive and secretive Lakbima Reporter) is kept abreast of what went down. (more)

What I, and I am sure most of the other Bloggers will want is :

1. An apology to be published in the papers.

2. Proper Attribution (Proper spelling of the Bloggers name/pseudonym and Link to the Bloggers site)

3. Approval from Blogger before publishing his/her post.

This may seem to be blown out of proportion, but it was aggregated by Rajpal and Co. them selves. If they responded in an appropriate manner when contacted and owned upto their actions and apologized I would have let it go.

They may buy some of the Bloggers with their notes and “get on board” crap, but not me. I didn’t start my blog to make money. If I want I’ll set up google ads.

Mind you it’s not like I’m NOT flattered that my rants and ramblings our worthy enough to be published in the main-stream media, it’s just the case of not wanting to be a part of an Institution that does NOT honour the rights of others.

After all it’s not the first time. I believe Sach will agree with me.

So Rajpal try and ignore the CC license a second time and see what happens. Interestingly enough I wonder how many Bloggers have been featured on this weeks Lakbima. All those who got left out, are bound to get included this week. I think the “Mag” should be called “Local Blogsphere”.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Java Jones permalink
    July 12, 2007 11:54 am

    Good on you man – tellin it like it is – and how!


  2. Anonymous permalink
    July 12, 2007 12:07 pm

    Charrmax – Great! stuff.

    Rajpal Abeynaike has no qualms about reproducing EVEN copyrighted articles in publications. Case in point, when he was Editor at Observer he would reproduce articles from the “Travelsrilanka magazine” with ABSOLUTELY no authority from the publisher.
    To think he calls himself a JOURNALIST ?

  3. Harshadewa permalink
    July 12, 2007 12:07 pm

    Well said and I hope this will shock the thieves a bit even they aren’t shy of these things.

  4. Chaar~Max permalink
    July 12, 2007 5:14 pm

    🙂 Thanks guys… just hope the community will unite!

  5. pissu perera permalink
    July 13, 2007 3:40 am

    nice post. rajpal doesn’t seem to have much respect even within the media fraternity. absolute nutter. to think that he came up with the lamest excuses on top of copying without permission.

  6. Chaar~Max permalink
    July 13, 2007 3:53 am

    The irony is to think this guy was a journalist at Sunday Times.. dude… where’s the look up for your fellow men…

    Or wait… he must be thinking us bloggers are some low life geeks, who can be bossed around.. and get his way with things.. he would have figured.. “Ah this is like taking kandy from kids… now I don’t have to worry about the Mag“…

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