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How to tell what the Referee is Signalling at Rugger Matches

June 22, 2007
Well it’s been almost a year since I guided you in “What to Shout at Rugger Matches“. So I’m thinking you bookmarked the post, took a print out of it and stuck it up on your wall, and take a glance before every match. If everything has gone to plan, you still have all your limbs, and no bruisers after any of the matches. Chicks dig that your on “top” of the game, maybe you landed one even… (if so you owe me a Drink). If you have a GF, she’s mighty proud of you, and her friends think your cool too. 🙂

Untill she or one of her friends ask, “Hey what happened?” and you see the Ref, doing a number with his Hands… bomber… Ok so you say “you didn’t see it”, it’s gonna work maybe a couple of times if your on the 200 buck Concrete Tier being shoved and pushed, but if your in the Grand Stand…. hmmmm…. I’ve got just what you want..

Objective :

Give you the ability to connect the with top man of the game, the Ref, who gets to call all the shots on the field (Off field feel free to throw a Flower Pot at him). If you thought you were on top of the game before, you’ll feel like you grew an extra 6 inches… vertically 😉

In the end.. upgrade you from Cool Dude to “Rugby Jock”, just in time for the 2nd Leg of the Bradby, tomorrow! Go Royal!

Assumptions :

You have already read and followed My Previous Guideline, and it’s a fair assumption that you have made the upgrade from “Geek” to “Cool Dude”. 🙂

So a few tips before you get behind the wheel, Ref’s unlike our parents do not reward us for good behavior (don’t expect an XBOX or a PS3 for being a Good Sport), so when you know he’s signaling something that means somebody gonna get a hurt.. (oops sorry that was Russel) basically your only chance is that, your opponents committed the crime and maybe it’s Christmas for you after all.

Here goes –> IRB Ref Signal Guide!!! (PDF 1.2MB)


If you want to upgrade to “Rugby Guru” try going through the entire IRB Rule Book (PDF 15MB). If your found murdered in your Hotel Room the next day, only to be later realized that you died of natural causes, you know it WORKED!!

As usual, my disclaimer as follows :

“If you Score.. I’m your Man… If you Screw Up… There’s always another Rugger Match next week” 🙂

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