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Another World Cup Weekend

April 9, 2007
With Sri Lanka taking a break till Thursday, I figured the weekend will be a dull one, but has the WC 2007 ever had a dull moment? To start off, Bangladesh pulled another shocker to beat South Africa on Saturday. One of the few regrets I have in the WC, is not getting up to watch the 2nd innings of the match despite setting the alarm. The other being missing “Slinger Malinga” 4-in-4 live.

England saw their hopes being dashed after Aussies sailed though for a comfortable victory. Well atleast Prince Harry was enjoying him self. 🙂

In other news Indian Cricket Board Empire Strikes Back. The BCCI chappies have decided to tighten their grip on the cricketers. Not allowing em to give statements to the media without permission and limit their sponsors to 3. I’m sure that like a heavy blow to the Cricketers, coz the little Indian TV I’ve watched (thanks to the WorldCup) I’ve noticed that Indian Ad’s are bomb-barded with either their Bollywood Stars or their Cricketing Gods. Yes you wouldn’t be surprised to see Sachin Tendulkar jumping on a couch to catch a packet of Crackers – one of his endorsements. Maybe those chaps will now get a chance to concentrate more on their Cricket.

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