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Shaken or Stirred? Blondie or Bald?

November 21, 2006
Yes I’m talking about Bond! So there has been much rife about the new Bond, and most of it has been put in it’s right place (atleast what I hear) with the folks who disliked Daniel Craig, admitting that he’s “Not That Bad Afterall”.
I know this it’s too late to discuss all this now, since the movie is already out, but being the slow bugger/blogger I am, I thought what the hell. It all started with Craig being the first Blondie Bond. But then it went to a frenzy, and I even heard stories of he doesn’t know how to handle a Manual Gear Shift. God me saying to myself “How the hell is he going to handle the Aston Martin?”

So it got me thinking of the likely replacement in my opinion. Now I’m not the movie buff like many on the Blogsphere, so the names I come up with may sound absurd and there might be many more worthy out there.

Looking back at the movies that caught my eye, the most likely to me, who had the same class, posture and finesse as the previous Bonds would be Jason Statham (The dude from Transporter 1 & 2). I know his Bald, but if we can have a Blondie Bond, and a Black Bond, why not a Bald Bond?

James Bond (Ian Flemming’s impression)

Here’s my list on judging a bond :

  1. He’s got to look good in a suit, and in trunks coming out of the pool. (The Bond Look)
  2. Have the class and personality on and off the camera. (One thing Daniel Craig lacks I feel.. he’s too shy off camera)
  3. Physique. (Able to rough it out with any Terrorist threatening World Domination but not Rough around the edges.)
  4. Flare for the Ladies (Typical Playboy, Charm the ladies off their feet and into Bed.. goes with no 2.. I think)
  5. Handle a Car.. Manual Shift preferably. (I know it’s kinda Ironic coming from a Guy who drives an Automatic, but then again I’m not Bond.. lol)

Well there you go, enough of my rambling, considering the fact that I’m yet to watch the movie, so you can expect a new post (or an update to this one) after that. So lets give the bugger a chance. Some people were skeptical about Brosnan too, but I knew he was the guy to replace Sean Connery, after his role in ‘Remington Steel’.

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