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Attempt on life of TNA Parliamentarian Raviraj

November 10, 2006
Just heard that an attempt on the life of TNA Parliamentarian Raviraj, was made in the morning today. Some speculation was made that he actually has passed away at the national hospital.

The shooting has taken place in Elvitagala Mw.

I don’t know much of the political scene to assume who would have committed the crime, coz it could be any one from the Govt, Karuna to LTTE. Although a similar incident took place last year when another TNA MP Joseph Pararajasingham was killed while attending midnight mass on Christmas Day.

Only time will tell, when different speculations arise whether the LTTE wanted to shut him up like they have done to soo many Tamil Parliamentarians or was it a foe.

All I can say is that he was a fun guy to listen in political debates on T.V., was amazed of his command of the Sinhala language. Although I’m not sure what his ulterior motives were, the loss would be saddening.


Mr. Raviraj’s death has been confirmed.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 10, 2006 12:03 pm

    i’m really sad about the plight of Raviraj. i’m against LTTE terrorism, but I really liked raviraj. he was one of the major voices of the tamil people in the country. if tamil people can voice their concerns through people like raviraj, they dont need an arms struggle. so killing a man like raviraj makes a strong claim to the LTTE demand that this society doesnt tolarate minority opinion.

    we, sinhalese didnt like the way he talked on behalf of his people, but he really did his job well speaking on behalf of the people who voted for him. just compare him with the politicians we have voted and sent to the they really speak on behalf of us and represent us?

  2. Sam permalink
    November 10, 2006 9:12 pm

    I did not agree with his extreme level of politics. But I always admire the fellow for his bravery. He could have been a very valuable asset to the country if he did not have fellowship with LTTE. He had enough skills to become a national leader.

  3. Just Mal permalink
    November 11, 2006 1:27 am

    The guy is a cunt but it’s very unlikely that the government or the military had a hand in his death.

    They’ve got nothing to gain from his death. This guy really has no importance. He was just a puppet of the LTTE. There would be 10 people ready to fill his shoes.

    If it was a politician or an LTTE official whose death would actually disadvantage the LTTE, I would think differently.

    But only the LTTE could gain anything from his death. An organisation that could cause hundreds of unarmed Tamil civilians to die by using them as human shields in battles and then try to use their deaths in their propaganda campaigns could certainly kill a hitherto unknown MP of very little political significance in order to put the blame on the obvious suspects.

  4. Chaar~Max permalink
    November 11, 2006 2:29 am

    Well it certainly wouldn’t be the first time if the LTTE had a hand in this. After all I thik he was the only surviving person who served as Mayor in Jaffna and didn’t get bumbped off. Maybe he “Finally” rose hiw voice against the LTTE or they got smarter!

    Either case I liked the guy, for the better or worse.

    And I’m sure there’ll be a ling of people waiting to fill his place, followed by death threats and blackmails.

    Can we ever see a day where the LTTE would be able to enter the political scene righteously? (Not that the Parties in the South are all Good)

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