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Royalists on the Roll

November 4, 2006
The ball is finally rolling. The ‘high-command’ (as the self appointed, self proclaimed leader who cant stop saying enough about himself and his intrinsically interwoven ideas would like to call it) have made their final decision on the selection (like there were soo many choices of rib tickling humour out there without having to pawn your balls off, to barely get you through mere legalities of “Copyrights and Royalties“, you’d think we had a tough time), and things are on the way. A good muster of fellow old (who want to be considered still young and able to approach that hot 16 yr-old shaking her ass to “My Hips Don’t Lie” on the dance floor.. gettable) Royalists have been gathered up by all available methods of communication in this modern day an age (thankfully we didn’t have to resort to an advertisement in the papers).

Dates for auditions have been set (which are bound to be postponed, courtesy of the Director who has a thing for not showing up, the shy bugger he is) and then practices of course (no more late Saturday nights they say.. have to be on time Sunday morning.. but that would mean nobody bring up the idea of “Alcohol” after practices on Saturday evening in the first place.. like to see how many sessions we get through.. considering the fact that the very first meet up, ended up with a 12,000 bill in our hands.. now who’s bright idea was it to go there?).

Discussions of the ‘portraying of the fairer sex’ are never short, since everybody seems to come up with this chick or that chick (who they tried and tried.. and still want another shot at them) but she turns out to be either Married (happily I hope) or 10,000 miles away. Upon hearing this some other chappie would say, “Ado sirawata…” and then a gossip session would start.. till everybody.. including the security guard in the hut.. (turns out noise carries much longer than you expect) is properly briefed on the life and times of the said person… no no, we’re not women just like to catch up on things.. women would analyze, theorize, categorize and another million “ize’ things 🙂

So if you still haven’t figured it out, we’re getting ready for a Public Production of……. (maybe I’ll keep you guessing for a while longer)!

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