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One Post to Rule Them All

November 1, 2006

The past few days have been really a sorry sight for my site, as I’ve been bogged down lately. Yes, I have to admit that work is getting the better of me, the dark side has gotten more powerful during this week and made bad things happen in consistently, like making our mail servers hang, or some form of program to corrupt and the site visits, seemed like i was never in my seat, at home my modem acts funny and for some weired reason doesn’t want to dial. (Yes, I’m still in the archaic dial up era @ home, cant afford/find the use for adsl).

So along with this there were many incidents that affected me directly and indirectly that were worth a blog post and since I missed out on all of em, I thought the second best thing to do would be to summarize all of them into one singe post, hence “One Post to Rule Them All”.. (not influenced by my night reading.. on the 5th book now)

1. Talent Search Organized by The Interact Club of Royal College (Fondly known as I.C.R.C. although they have no dealings with the LTTE or any N.G.O.’s)

Well true to the name this year, you had to actually search for talent (on stage that is) as I found only 3 performances worth writing home about. 2 Soloists Nevanthika and the dude from Lyceam who sang Drops of Jupiter, and there was this band was kinda ok. “Thriloka” did a guest, which was pretty good. Those guys need to stick to the traditional “Sinhala/local” pronunciation though, instead of going with “Thryloka”.

2. Hayman First Leg at R.C.

We thrashed Thora 6-4 in a thriller drenched in rain, (to which I owe my flu in the weekend). Now getting into detail, I dont know jack about the game except you have to get the ball inside the goal, so I wouldn’t know whether you can call it thrashed or lucky because I wouldn’t know the minute details of the game, of who showed more potential and who’s technique was better and crap like that. All I can say is we got 6 of em in, they got 4 and it seemed keenly contested. 2nd leg should be interesting, maybe make it a winning habit after last years, a good 14 years after.

3. Firefox 2.0 ReleaseRediscover the Web indeed
Man I have been waiting for this a long time. I actually downloaded it and installed it at office, well the inbuilt spell check is fab! Most of the other features, I’d already incorporated with the a host of add-ons/extensions.

4. Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 Release

Now this I didn’t expect. My god, these guys at Ubuntu are churning out O/S’s like on a conveyor belt (true to their word, of not stagnating like most of the other Community Projects) . Now eat that Bill Gates! think you might hold on to your Vista release (the commercial proper) till you can copy some more off the Open Source community. And to think I couldn’t even check out the “Breezy” release properly, I hope the XGL component is still included in this, need a new Graphics Card though to experience it (my nVidia Vanta 16MB aint good enough).

There that’s it… oh almost forgot.. lemme take the opportunity to wish Shanaka (who drops by and shares his Expert Opinions on some of the Subjects I bring up) “All Z Bust” you are “OLD” my man… 🙂

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