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Sri Lankans eat Humble Pie Dished out by the Chickens

October 25, 2006
The Story begins like this. Once upon a time (Ok this is not a fairy tale..) there was a sport/game called Cricket played (to how the sport is played I wont get in) in a paradise isle called Sri Lanka. Now this country has been marred by needless violence by an ongoing war for 2 decades between the Govt and Separatist rebels. But among all this violence bombs going off and all life still goes on. Ask anybody. So a Cricket tour was scheduled between the Countries Sri Lanka, India and South Africa. Unfortunately upon their arrival a bomb went off, and the S. Africans got all scared and decided to run back to their own country (with their tails between their legs). Once they got back to their safe haven (Pls compare Crime rates of both countries), Mark Boucher being called a Coward (depicted as a chicken in the local newspapers) turned around and said “Bring It On”… so there you have a quick sum up of the build up to Y’days match, although the teams might not have had the same animosity towards each other, we Sri Lankans were hoping to have a big Brag, after the South Africans were well and truly beaten by us.

Unfortunately that was not the case to be. 😦

So I’m not going to give my comments on the match coz I am not the Expert, I’d leave Shanaka and the others to do that. But since I own this space, and I have the cover of the “title” of the blog, I thought I’d voice my opinion on some points. (Yes, I know you thought I was going to keep my mouth shut… I’m sorry)

1. Our “Pace” bowlers cant bowl for toffees.

Dilhara is not fitting in. He cant handle the new ball, he cant handle the old ball, in other words he cant handle any ball. Plus the no balls. I think the coach need to keep the dudes fancy high priced wrist watch on the bowling crease and get him to bowl.

Malinga’s talented, but he needs to brush up. Whats the point of bowling at 80 miles an hour, if it’s not directed properly. It makes it soo much easier to dispatch to the boundary, and the slingy action only takes like a few balls for talented batsman to get used to.

And some one teach these dudes how to bowl at the end of an innings. I am no Bob Woolmer or John Dyson or Tom Moody, but come on you need to bowl yorkers and maybe some bounces. Not in-between!

Notice I’ve left Vaas out, coz he’s Medium Pace, and he sticks to his job. He has his bad days, but most good days.

2. Middle Order Batting

Has been strengthened by the return of Marvan, but I feel Chamara Kapugedara still can find a slot, after all.

3. Lower Order Battling

Our lower order sucks at batting. Buggers like Murali have played a tons of matches just go and have a whack for the fun of it. I mean hell this is International cricket. Get the bugger to play normal cricket shots. The way he’s going now, is just pleasing the commentators and giving them a good laugh and maybe get an inside edge to run off to the third man boundary.

It was clearly evident that there was no one to hang around Vaas and atleast bat out the innings. I mean we all knew after the dismissal of Jayewardene that it was pretty much over. The right thing to do (imo) would be to bat out the 50 overs, and have a go in the last two overs, just like the S. Africans did. After all we’ll be coming in on the net run rate, and if my math is correct that would be the no or runs you score against the no of runs your opponents scored. So it made every sense to bat out the overs and scrape every run possible.

There that’s all I can think of right now.. over and out…

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