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Looong Weekend – Finally Comes to an End.

October 12, 2006
Why am I still talking about the long weekend on a Thursday? Well this post was due Wednesday morning the actual end to my extended long weekend, but unfortunately with extended holidays comes extended work as soon as you get back. So as you can guess I was a victim of that.
So getting to the weekend. It started off fine with some nice chilling and cleaning my room in patches. For the love of all I finally managed to unearth my bed and did most of the chilling on that. Everything seemed fine till I ate some form of indigestibles that just didn’t tally with my stomach on Saturday I believe and that was the beginning of the end as you may call it. I was ok in patches and managed to do the following during the weekend :

  • Evening stroll on the Mt. Beach with my GF and her friends on Saturday
  • Dropped in for Talent Search Semi’s (man I tell you, that is the best way to feel “Old“, be surrounded by teeny-boppers that you feel guilty to look at.
  • Catch the motor-show. (My beloved Rangie was there. 😦 So sad to depart. And soo many MG‘s. )

Besides that, it was all suffering. I was shitting like a I don’t know what. “Diarrhea” they called it. Anyways I found the two days of Medical leave I got (I say these doctors should be made MD’s of our Companies, they dish out Medicals like it’s their own company) was put to use at the hands of the “Lord Of The Rings”. Yes, finally managed to do some proper reading being disturbed only by my bowels and my GF checking up on me. Finished Book 1 and a bit of Book 2 in the two days. Yippeee. I tell you the movie is nothing like it. Atleast the normal edition. Yet to get my hands on the SEE (Special Extended Edition). 4 DVD’s per movie I’m told.

It got me wondering whether it’s better to read the book first and be disgusted at the movie (like with Da Vinci Code) or Watch the Movie then read the book and realize that there’s a lot more. After all I managed to follow the movie with out the book although some said it would be difficult. Hmmmm… Off to work now!

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  1. Lady divine permalink
    October 13, 2006 9:50 am

    thanks for the pics..shud try that out sometym…;)hehee…and sorry to hear that ur weekend ws disrupted b’coz of the food poinsoining… i wanted to read those books but cudn’t et hold of them yet… it’s always the case, that the book is way better than the movie..but there are people who just hate reading and i must say that they’r missing out alot on the actual story…

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