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Bradby First Leg 21-10

September 10, 2006
Yesterday, was the much awaited “Blue Ribbon” as you would call it of School’s Rugby. I found my self with my GF, a few friends getting up their by 3pm to catch a good spot, and ofcourse “Park the Car”. Yes, this year I found my self financially incapable of reserving tickets at the “Grand Stand”, 600 bucks a piece they go for. I say that is way too much. What was more horrifying was to find the “Pathana” match tickets priced at 350 bucks. I say you, it would have been understandable if it were the “Thora” match. Which means I can anticipate how much that encounter is going to cost. So the “Tiers” are comfy enough, till I find a better job, that makes me feel 600 bucks is like toffee’s.

Over to the match. Being the Royalist I am, I was expecting a defeat. Yes, yes, seeing the way our lad’s performed against “True pressure” (@ the Pathana Match) I knew when “Push comes to shove”, there’s little we could do. But by golly’s our chaps put up some Good Moves, surprised the Trinitians and registered the first points. We had more of the ball in our hands, and the forwards kept driving, but kept getting tackled, the line was under-fed me thinks, but then again both the opportunities they got, they fumbled and that mind you was like 25yards into the Goal Line.

All in all I was unhappy seeing the way our guys fluffing opportunities right at the end. It would have been understandable, if Trinity just dominated the game, (like the Last year) but this was really saddening. To add salt to the wounds, we saw a few gutsy moves and runaway points scored by the Trinitians, when I felt our blokes were too tired or unorganized or both to stop them. I wouldn’t have minded a 4 point lead going into the 2nd Leg, but 11 points is too much of a dampener. That means we have to make our own fun. he he..

Atmosphere was well alive, with buggers bringing down the “Roof Down”. I mean literally, the make shift tents on the tiers weren’t fastened enough for a ravaging mob of Royalist’s of all breeds, some potent from the “Nectar of God’s”, shaking and slamming the sheets, just to see them drop one by one onto their very own heads.

Well that’s a Rugger Match for you. Over and out.

Here’s more on the Bradby (Experts opinion over mine) :

1. Sunday Observer
2. Sunday Times ??
3. Sunday Island ??

?? So much for freaking Free Availability of News in Sri Lanka. All those sites require Registration. Ba-humbug!!


Found this new Paper in town to have a nice web site.

1. The Nation

And for those of you who don’t know what the Bradby is, well you can’t be living in Sri Lanka, if so “Shame on you”. It is a Rugger match played between Royal College and Trinity College Kandy, in two stages (or Legs as we like to call it) one in Colombo and one in Kandy, hosted by the respective schools. The name “Bradby” came about after Mr. E. L. Bradby (then Principal of Royal College) awarded a shield for the match played in 1945, which turned into a two match series and the Winners being declared on the aggregate of the points in both the matches. Prior to the awarding of the Shield both schools have been playing each other since 1920.

Where did I get all this? Well it’s common knowledge to any member of the two schools, in addition I had the privilege of Editing one such Bradby Souvenir back in the day.

* Pathana – Isipathana Vidyalaya
* Thora – St. Thomas’ College

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  1. Theena permalink
    September 10, 2006 8:26 am

    I thought Royal deserved to win. The first half they pretty much dominated in terms of possesion and territory. Trinity had three moments of brilliance that they could attribute to the win. Overall, a good match.

  2. ddm permalink
    September 10, 2006 8:45 am

    such a frustrating game that was. we had so many chances but everything just slipped away at the last gasp. and the trinitians made the best of the opportunities they had. that last try was just heart breaking. oh well.

  3. childof25 permalink
    September 10, 2006 4:19 pm

    goddamn it I cant believe we lost!

  4. SpectralCentroid permalink
    September 10, 2006 5:56 pm

    Unbelievable. Half the time was trying to pull my hair off in exasperation.

    Btw, did you see that little “exhibitoin dive” done by our try scorer dude. For a moment I thought he’s gonna screw the damn try up with his antics. Went all well though.

  5. Chaar~Max permalink
    September 11, 2006 4:23 am

    Thats what I can’t belive, if our buggers were like last time, it would have been acceptable.

    But we had a pretty good team, dominated most of the game, yet failed to make good the oppurtunities we got. Where as those buggers made EVERYTHING out of the very little they got.

    It’s just that this side is a GOOD “B” division side, as one of my friends said. They cant keep up the pressure with tough opponents. But will run circles around lesser one’s.

    It was a shame to see, buggers fumble when the ball was handed out “wide” for like only twice. Those are basics. Just like “Catches win Matches”.

    I came to another realization that the coach’s and the crowd’s expectations are different. While you can hear the crowd screaming their guts out to “Pass it out” or “Work it down” you see the center’s run right into a heavy defence line. This is understandable if the stratergy is to suck no’s in, and then go wide, but the “go wide” part rarely happened.

    Why? Either we “Turned the ball over” to them, or just forgot the 2nd phase.

    Wonder what to expect in the Lion’s Den?

    On another note : If you guys were wondering why there were less souvernir’s, thats thanks to the lack of coordination of the committee and the lack of commitment from the printers. I think only a measely 100 were available for sale, this year. Very dissapointed with those guys!

  6. Game On permalink
    September 11, 2006 6:44 am

    i think we did well to play the way we did and limit trinity possession…..

    on a lighter note…. did you know that pathana refers to itself as “college” now???? (not trying to be snobby or anything but i thought that was funny…) and i guess the “ado over age” call at pathana games is going to be replaced by “ado O/L deparak fail!!!” lol

  7. Sophist permalink
    September 14, 2006 7:23 am

    Interesting that someone brought up Hassan’s diver. For a side who was clearly second best on paper, the attitude of this current breed of Royalists is questionable. Apart from being inelegant and crass, Hassan’s dive was reckless and shows a lack of dedication. He could have very very easily dropped the ball and buggered everything up. Idiot.

  8. Chaar~Max permalink
    September 14, 2006 8:13 am

    I hate to admit it, but very true what you point out Sophist. The attitude of the younger breed is very different to ours. Being humble of one self is as far away as it can get. Same with the “Team Spirit” and the “All for one and One for All”. I know a few of the guys playing today complaining about the “Togetherness” of the Team.

    Over confidence is all over the place, as with the “Dive” you guys comment on. My uncle would say do your “antics” after you keep the ball, not before!

    It’s cool to say I’m a Royalist and Best School in Town and all that we say, but the moment you let it get into you and elevate your self 6 inches above the ground, your trully dragging your self under.

  9. Sophist permalink
    September 14, 2006 10:52 am

    And I have serious issues with you quoting the Sunday newspaper links as expert opinions. Silly bugger.

    This is a proper expert opinion… – heh heh.

  10. Chaar~Max permalink
    September 14, 2006 11:23 am

    Ha ha. Well for starters dude, you posted that link today, so how was I going to quote you before that. From now on, all sports related posts will be screened by you sir. Or better yet, you will be granted the honour of posting all your mumbo jumbo on sports. Happy? No I will not pay you for ir, simply coz I have no money. Once my blog enters the Big Scene like the .Com bubble (if ever – fat chance at that) maybe we can strike up a Profit Sharing deal till then. Its a treat at Pilla at the most. Wait a min, that’s too expensive too (very commercialized those chaps are being now) maybe the Bamba joint.

    As for the Sunday Paper experts, well what can I say, atleast those guys get their work published on paper. Not to mention get paid for it.

    So lets get down to the nitty gritty of your article. Ha ha… typical bugger, wanting to bring on a mention of “Thomian” when talking about the Bradby. he he 🙂

    Anyways machang I think that the grounds still remain as hard as rock. They gave my shin bones a lovely time, self proclaimed early retirement.

    Regading the “Takrang Sheds” there is news that the RCU have got permission to put up another proper stand on that side. That means those tickets will be jacked up too. No place for buggers like me self to go. I tell you it’s outragous/sacriledge (and all the other big sounding words), 600 bucks a ticket. I love the 2 stands in the corner. Awesome view, from the elevated position, just like the view from the HSBC Pavilion at SSC.

    I too couldn’t belive why the F.. they didn’t take the penalty.

    Anyways, cum this saturday good match eh? I was hoping that you guys will keep up company in the “B” Division, but looks like it’s not the case. I hope our lads put their thinking caps on, and “super glue their hands”, not to mention leave their ego’s on the bench, coz I dont want to get like a million calls from my Thomian friends. Specially after the misery I put them through after the “Big-Match”.

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