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Nothing Like a Poya Day

September 8, 2006
Yesterday was Binara Poya Day, celebrated as a Mercantile Holiday in Sri Lanka. The relevance of this Holy Day is the Starting of the “Bhikkuni Sasana” order for Female Priests and the Start of “Vas” season, where Priests tend to restrict them selves and stay within Temples (atleast in ancient times).
More on the establishg of the Bhikkuni Sasana.

To me, a Poya day gives a well earned break. I actually spent the whole of Yesterday, without the Internet. he he. Cleaned my room and did a bit of driving for my mum.

Many economists would beg to differwith me, that Poya Day’s cause huge economic loss to this country, and too many holidays in Sri Lanka, blah blah. My point is that, it gives us a chance to get out of the “Rat Race” atleast for one day. We can’t do that on weekends, because most of our Weekends are full of plans, from Marketing to Laundry day. An unscheduled holiday in the middle of the week, gives us a chance to just chill out. After all this is a tropical country ya?

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