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Women-Only Traffic Police Unit

August 30, 2006
Russians have done it again! They are going to create Women only unit to patrol the streets. Why? Coz the men apparently let the traffic offenders get off in exchange for bribes. So why women? “There is research which proves that women are not inclined to bribe-taking,”

Hmm.. so now do I hear all you ladies shout discrimination? “Women also Except Bribes!, just like our male counterparts!” or just blush away and say how rightoues you are, forgetting about the equality of your fellow males.

Anyways I caught this on GOLD FM, so I did some “Googling” here’s what I got.

Yahoo – Only women need apply for Russia traffic police
BBC – Russia to get women traffic cops

Anyways that leads us thinking about one thing. How would this apply to our Beautiful little Island Paradise Sri Lanka? Yes we all know that corruption is high on the streets all over from Cops to Govt Offices.

Think of your self being pulled over by a Female Cop. How are you going to get her to accept a bribe?

Cop – “Ah mahaththaya gamu License eka eliyata”

You – “Ah Madam? (I use Ralahami on males, but Ralahamine aint that hip eh?) Mama awe “Kaha” Light eke ne!

Cop – “Me aiyse boru kiyanna epa, kaha light eka thiyenne enna newey ne?”

You – “Na ethin, kola eka enna hitiye, ewunata eka Kaha wunane”

Cop – “Ehanang eka api Usawiye balagamu!!!”

You (hearing the mention of Court, pullin out your wallet) – “Naha naha, apita monwath karaganna barida me gana?”

.. For you guys to fill the rest ..

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  1. SpectralCentroid permalink
    August 30, 2006 7:41 am

    Hmmm.. If the cop is anything like that chic in the FBI costume and carrys a pair of hand-cuffs, guess who’s gonna break every rule in the book. Yeah baby…

  2. Game On permalink
    September 4, 2006 2:28 pm

    this really did happen in good old colombo. Someone i know was a bit high and a cop stopped him on the road….

    Cop – Ah mahaththaya, monawahari biwuvada?
    Friend – Apo ne! ralahami
    Cop – Ehenang mahaththaya api bellumak baloon) pumbamu the?
    Friend – Aiy ralahami? polisiye partiyak the????

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