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Check Points in SL

August 29, 2006
Not be confused with the Production going on the boards this weekend – Check Point!

What is the practicality of all these check points imposed all over Colombo and the spot checks carried out at entry points to the city?

For most of us affected, it’s merely a Traffic Jam and a bloody inconvenience. I mean realistically speaking, you don’t find concealed bombs during these checks. Most of these are discovered by tip-off’s of vigilant law abiding citizens. There is no way by holding the mirror under a car you are going to discover anything, except maybe the no of dents on your under carriage that you’ve accumulated going over “over-sized” speed bumps.

It gives the chaps a chance to have a good look at a Hot Chick driving her Maruti or Beemer. Get her to step out, open the boot, and check her “Boot” out.

If your Tamil, your in for trouble. As a ton of questions maybe fired at you, and watching you with skeptical eyes as you winch while answering them. Basically it’s safe to get your self a Police Report. I experienced this, when one of my contractors was refused entry at a 5 star hotel, saying high security blah blah during SAG, just because he was Tamil. I know this is going to cause an uproar of people claiming “Discrimination” and all the works. Well taking the situation into account, I think you have to live with it. No I don’t think all tamils are Terrorists, and I believe that all Terrorist’s AREN’T Tamil either. Gives you something to think abt.

So what do these “Checkpoints” achieve besides the above?

It servers as a deterrent! The effort required to plan an attack would have increased. In some instances even avoid such attacks. Not that it gives you a true sense of peace of mind, but knowing that it wont be easy as the last time, gives you some satisfaction. Specially for people like my self, who are always on the move.

One thing I need to comment on is the Army H.Q. I am a firm believer that the attack on the Army Cmdr was plausible due to the simple fact of the lack of a metal detector at the entrance. This has been rectified (little too late), however additional measure of a ramp being installed in the location, to check vehicles entering the H.Q. is commendable, however the practicality of them will be something for us to see in the future.

On a last note, well I’d like to thank all those manning these checkpoints (I know I might have insulted a few of them, with what I said above, lets not generalize it may be only a few) as our lives are at their hands! So the next time I curse their parents, it’s only out of sheer frustration!

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  1. Voice_in_Colombo permalink
    August 29, 2006 12:58 pm

    I get most of the sarcastic points of your post, but I personally is in favor of the check points and road barriers, no matter how inconvienient it’s for me.

    //………….The effort required to plan an attack would have increased\\

    You have a very valid point here. This is why the “having check points” is better than “not having them”. I saw some one said somewhere on moju, “if the LTTE want to bomb colombo, let them” 🙂

    Well, I guess you don’t believe in the same. If we want to make it difficult for LTTE to bomb Colombo, we have to have check points.

    I know there are thousand and one short comings in these check points. For example, last few weeks I’ve been stopped by Airforce & Police ckeck points several times. Most of the time they see my NIC, and say with a smile “Ah! you are from *****. So, no problem!” So, any one with a NIC with an adress in a southern town could get away with a bomb in the car!

    You would have heard the level of tightened security in London airports, during recent terrorist chaos. You can’t carry a bottle of any liquid, into a London airport, unless the lead passenger drink a small sip from the bottle, in front of security guys! Imagine what happen if we implement that in Fort railway station!!!!

    Well, how I look at it in a nutsell. “What could happen to Colombo if we don’t have these check points? Better or worse? I believe it’s worse. So, my vote is ‘Yes to check points’ “

  2. Sam permalink
    August 29, 2006 8:08 pm

    We do not have very sophisticated law enforcement. But we can’t say we have the world worst law enforcement either. There may be technical loop holes in the procedure, but presence of law enforcement play a big roll. Even though checkpoints are not the best tool for security, it is one of the good tools we can afford.

    But end of the day we are relatively similar to any other countries ~ we all sacrifice our freedom behalf of security. There was threat of liquid explosion in Atlantic flight, now liquid and gels are band form flights. There was a shoe bomber, now we have to take our shoes before board in to the flight. If someone hides a bomb inside the afro, I don’t want to think what they will do next. End the day everyone uses the similar principle – trade freedom behalf of security.

    Well.. They may let voice_of_colombo go right now because he is form southern town. But if it is old JVP days he may get the same treatment Tamil people get right now just because he is from southern town.

    Checkpoints are not the issue – it is one of the representatives of the issue. Hope the issue will go away one day so we can explain our children what checkpoints were.

  3. Suren permalink
    August 30, 2006 12:52 am

    Charmax, please have a look at this:

  4. Chaar~Max permalink
    August 30, 2006 4:19 am

    Hey VIC, you’ve gotten me all wrong mate! I was just pointing both sides of the story. I wasnt been sarcy about the LTTE having to put more effort. I was happy about it, if at all I was sarcy about the shit I was dishing at the soldiers/policeman. This is the general concensus.

    Anyways, just to make my self clear again, I am all for Check Points, soley because even though it wont stop the attacks it’ll make them think twice.

    My heart goes out to all those people manning them, day and night standing with a heavy sack on their back, with their lives in danger, with the risk of getting blasted away, the moment they discover a suicide bomber.

    You specially feel sorry for the young guys(and girls) you meet in wee hours of the morning, when they stop you coming after shaking your ass next a chick or getting ur ass drunk. But normally your too drunk or pissed to care too hoots and your jusy annoyed!

    This post was just to clarify my self each time I curse those guys.

    However I’m glad that it brought out both arguemnts for and against it. Anyways nothing is perfect, and I dont expect the check points to be perfect as well. If not this world will be a boring place!

    Sam : I hear you!

    Suren : Thanks for the link!

  5. childof25 permalink
    September 1, 2006 4:56 pm

    I always look at it as if they kids manning the checkpoints do their job properly, their reward is pretty much death from abortive suicide bombing.

    nice post!

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