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I wish I could rip your HAIR out ?!

August 22, 2006

Darrell, Darrell, Darrell, what have you got your self into? Is it us South Asians that you fear? Did you think that just because a few Pakistani’s were (supposedly) involved in the British Hunt Down for Terro, you could do your part on the Field?

Well this wasn’t the first for you? You had to call Murali a “Chucker”. Why? Does he scare you? Ok, the first mistake was forgiven, but after the bloke being cleared, you have to write in your little book “you still think Murali is a chucker”.

So what you have created history, getting two teams to walk out on Test Matches. Hope you can sleep well in bed tonight, knowing that you have the Indian Team to “play your little games with” and maybe even the Bangladesh team, before you quit.

It’ll be a sorry situation though, if the Asian Teams could getogether as “ONE” like they have stood for many things in the past, and demand you apologize publicly (if you can put your self to it) and keep you away from Cricket Pitches that they trod on.

Was there a smirk on your face, when the Pakistani team had to walk into the field among the “Boo’s” of the crowd? Felt happy about your self eh? Well sleep well, you lowly bastard, since none of the 26 cameras on the Ground caught some thing

Here’s a list of Hair’s contributions to the “Gentleman’s Game”.

Further reading.

About the Bloke.

On a different note, the mighty Mark Boucher say’s “BRING IT ON“. Oooo we are soo scared!!

Both these guys should be added to the “Google Failure list”. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about. Type “failure” on Google and look who’s on “Top”.

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  1. Voice_in_Colombo permalink
    August 22, 2006 7:58 am

    I remember some Sinahalese weekend paper once listed the most hated forigners in Sri Lanka.

    1) Eric Solhym
    2) Shane Warne
    3) Darrel Hair

    If any of these 3 people, hit a street in Sri Lanka for a walk, wonder what will happen!!!

    I think, Hair has once messed up with the South Africans as well. Can’t ACC really push the ICC to keep this guy away from Cricket?

  2. Chaar~Max permalink
    August 23, 2006 3:56 am

    Well the freak is old. He’s viewed by the rest of the world as a guy who “See’s the game as it is, and calls it”. Well he’s view is rather skewed.

    Being old, officiating 74 tests, on the “Elite Pannel” the ICC should do somehting. Drop him off the “Elite”, Fine, even a freaking Diciplinary Hearing of some sort, that will tarnish the his image, and make him quit.

    Not like there is a shortage of “Good” umpires. Even if there were, he doesnt cut it to be a “Good” umpire.

    He goes on to say “I stand by what I have done,” he said. “But if anything comes out at the inquiry that proves me incorrect I would accept that too.” in an interview.

    Yeah right, did he accept Murali after being cleared by the ICC, and soo many freaking tests. This bugger is a stubbron prick who thinks he’s “Gods Gift to Cricket” and he’s “Jusge, Jury and Excutioner”.

    I am not totally techy in Cricket issues, but I belive you normally would inform the Match Referee.

    I understand Umpires making mistakes, hell even David Sheppard made a bluff in his last match, but those are mistakes, made in a split second. What Hair does is totally different. He has a grudge, and paranoid, looking for the slightest oopurtunity to prove it. Those types need to be at Home watching Cricket on the “Tele” and scrutinize as much as you want!

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