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Exams Finally….. AREN’T Over

August 22, 2006
Ok so, whats this all about? By now I thought I’d be flying as free as a Bird. But unfortunately it is not the case. Now I have to live my life, in doubt, fear, anxiety. No I’m not taking part for Miss Universe nor am I a “Terror Suspect”. Just that one of my papers got postponed. The one that I was kinda “fit” with. This is how it all happened :

Exam start time Saturday 2.00pm, we are supposed be in the Hall 1.30pm. I get their on time, do some last minute prepping and realize that there are some confusions in some Commands (Linux). Make up my mind to write what ever! So we take our seats and notice an a low turn out. I figured the subject was not a Popular one, but hell people that had places reserved for them, not showing up isn’t that common. Then at 2pm, a coordinator announces that a Security Check Point at the Kelaniya Bridge is causing a huge jam, and many students will be getting late. So lets give them Half an hour!!

Arrrgh!! That just what you need. When you’ve got your self pumped up, turned those nervous growls in your stomach into some sort of Adrinalin. I just lost it. Many of us there were pissed. Half an hour later, people start talking about postponement, giving us full marks (yeah right) and what not. This is killing me as right now I’m not in a position to sit for it, coz I’ve lost the “oomph” and fear that I wouldn’t give it all I got, if I have to write it now. Thankfully, the coordinator dude steps in and announces the Exam is postponed indefinitely, tomorrows papers are on schedule.

So where does that leave me. Pissed that I couldn’t finish off this headache that I’ve been carrying on for 3 years. Knowing the dudes at UCSC they’ll give like 3 days notice, and by the time they have it, you’ll have to start studying again. Aharrgh!

There you go, any ways the Good news is “I’m Back” and the bad news is you have to deal with my “Ramblings”!

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  1. Savi permalink
    August 22, 2006 7:00 am

    haha no we cant work anything on the side!!

    UCSC is the funniest place ever,last friday when I quit working, I asked a prof. I worked for, about my letter,which they are supposed to give me,stating what I had done…and he tells me to draft my own letter and bring it, so he can just put it on the ucsc letter head and sign it.

    I put their notes into slides,wirte examples and write up the questions(all of which I have an odd feeling, that he should have known) and now I write my own letter too…that place is hilarious!!!

    Good luck with the rest of the papers…

  2. Chaar~Max permalink
    August 23, 2006 3:39 am

    He he.. thanks. I’m sure that they dont have a template for that either. Make sure you right a proper letter, coz they’ll be using that too, in the years to come. 🙂

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