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Kandy (Asela) Perahera – Online!

August 11, 2006

This is two days late, but thought I’d put it down anyways. While watching Rupavahini on the 9th, I happened to see an Ad : “Live Web Cast of the Perahera“. About time I thought, that some thing as beautiful as this, boasting the cultural heritage of our little island be broadcasted for the rest of the world.

Since I’m stuck with a Dialup at home, I wasn’t able to enjoy the experience, so I cant comment on the actual “Web Cast”. However I feel that not enough publicity was given, not that anybody in SL is going to bother to Watch the Perahera online, while it was been shown Live on 2/3 TV Channels. But it would have given a chance for the Local’s to call up their relations abroad and
inform them. I wonder what the international publicity was like, as the web cast was catered to the Foreign Audience as well with narrations in English, Japanese, French and German.

Wonder whether they’ll release a Streaming Video of the “Perahera”. This coming at a time, where international media sees Sri Lanka once again as a Country full of conflict, would be an ideal, to show that it’s only in a part of the country and as indi says, the country is still going on, and there are many things to see in this beautiful country.

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