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Humanitarian Efforts – Part II

August 2, 2006
Since my previous post –Increased Humanitarian Efforts by the LTTE, the chappies have realized that their efforts have been recognized, and decided to further increase them. How is it possible to further increase? Well take a look at our Fuel Prices, just when you think there’s no way you can increase the price, they just mock you and make you look pretty dumb.

Anyways LTTE have a few chappies who like swimming and diving besides the usual tiger sports (like blowing themselves up) who call them “Sea Tigers”. So they decided to help out some of the blokes at SL Navy when they were transporting troops, thought they’d pull up close and say “hi”, maybe tag along to the Trinco Harbour as well, just 25-50 meters away from where they were. Our edgy Sailors decided to shoo them away, coz they weren’t too friendly the last time – Perl Cruiser incident. Well the tiger chappies didn’t like being shoo’ed, and each side decided to pull out their guns, and play “Cow Boy” in the sea. Well unfortunately the tigers had to swim back to their hommies in “Ealam Land”, so the totally biased GoSL reports.

Now how can I not talk about Humanitarian and not talk about the “Mavilaru” incident. As I stated in another blog, this was totally blown up by the GoSL. This actually wasn’t a Humanitarian effort by the LTTE. They were doing their rounds, and saw them gates, and since they hadn’t been checked for a while (open and close them), thought they’d do it then and there. Unfortunately some bloke got it stuck, so they had to wait for the Tigers who are good with their hands to resolve the issue, (Engineers they call them). Now why didn’t they let the Army Engineers help em out, coz their mummies had told em when they were cubs “Clean your shit, your selves!” Now you at home thinking where am I making such a baseless argument. Well I have my facts, from none other than Tamil Net. Unbiased media reporting. Wonder why they didn’t get the award for “Best News” along with Rupavahini and Sirasa.

Anyways this is what is said on Tamil Net :

Serunuwera Raja Maha Viharaya Chief Priest

Serunuwera Raja Maha Viharaya Chief Priest the venerable Saranakeerthi Serunuwera Thera told the Daily Mirror he was informed the LTTE was preparing to re-open the Maavilaru anicut just hours before the military operation was launched and believed the confrontation could have been avoided.

See, if only those 30,000 odd families waited a measly hour more..??

Swedish Major General Ulf Henricsson(SLMM) :

““It is definitely the wrong method. It is definitely overkill if you want the water,”

““We sat talking and got clearance from the government and tried to convince the LTTE to have confidence in the government,” he said. “[Then] they dropped a bomb in the vicinity. That’s not the right signal.”

See, our chappies at SLAF sent the wrong signal, and mind you “over kill”. After all the tigers were getting ready to open the gates. And why couldn’t they do it?

Elilan told the Daily Mirror :

“Even if we are to open the anicut how can we go there with a military operation going on. They will first have to stop the military operation and only then can we discuss other issues,”

Why did all of this start. Some say (besides my accurate justification) that it’s coz the GoSL was planning to build tanks in Govt. controlled areas. How rude!?! To leave out the Tigers, to fend for them selves. After all their “Ealam Home land” has to be built by the GoSL with the money ADB approved for “Sri Lanka”. Well more thoughts/justifications are discussed in following posts (I hope you guys don’t mind me linking):

On a more serious note.. (now you guys know I was joking… he he) The situation remains unknown to many of us as both parties remain tight lipped about the current proceedings, as this is a crucial point of the “Beginning of the End”.

If the GoSL troops manage to secure the anicut, and drive away the LTTE, the LTTE would be forced tp increase the intensity in other areas, and even drop a big ass bomb in city, to asertain their dominance, and lost pride.

If the LTTE manage to keep the GoSL at bay, the GoSL will increase air strikes on other LTTE strong holds and keep on trying to regain MavilAru.

No matter what happens, I don’t see both parties sitting back for discussions after this, as the Foreign Community (Norwegians and SLMM specially) have lost hope, and the EU countries pulling out, would weaken the SLMM, and sooner or later the entier SLMM would pull out and declare the proceeding as a failure.

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