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Superman Returns -> Lt. Gen. Fonseka

August 1, 2006
Lt. Gen. Fonseka : “I, as the Commander of the Army on the day of my return to work after surviving the recent gruesome suicide terrorist attack, wish to extend my sincere gratitude and tribute to all Religious dignitaries of Major denominations, His Excellency, the President, Prime Minister, Government Ministers and Members of Parliament, Secretary Defence, Medical Specialists and Doctors, Nursing Staff and Paramedics, members of the Army, Navy, Air-Force and the Police, Media Personnel, Foreign dignitaries, Principals and Teachers of schools, various Associations and Public Forums, School Children, Members of the Public, Friends and former colleagues, Relatives and well-wishers who remained a tower of strength behind myself as well as members of my family ever since I was hospitalized after the attack. I also regret that I may not be able to express my gratitude individually to all those who visited the hospital and sent messages, as it was not possible to remain acquainted due to the tragic circumstances prevailed at that time”. “Your prayers and blessings by way of Bodhi Poojas, Special Poojas and Holy services, no doubt enormously contributed to expedite my path to recovery after the dastardly crime that took 11 lives and injured another 28. It is your thoughts and consideration that inspired and provided much required solace to me as well as members of my family to rise to the challenge enabling me to return to work. So did all greeting cards directed to me.” “Let me also assure you that I will proceed from here to fulfil my responsibilities undeterred by the dastardly act. I strongly believe your blessings and sentiments will provide me with the necessary strength to complete that unfulfilled mission for a better tomorrow. Thank you.”

Courtesy : Daily News

The man of the moment has made his return. I’m not too sure of his health condition but he seems preety fit in the pic. Despite claims/rumours, that he’d lost his leg, arm etc.

The need of the hour is a stong leadership, and since I dont see much of that around, I hope the return of the Lt. Gen will bring balance to the Force (as they would call it in Star Wars). It’s nice to see a Military Toughy returning to the seen rather than bowing out, while he had a good excuse.

Kudos to you sir!

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  1. sittingnut permalink
    August 1, 2006 2:42 pm

    yes its good to see him back and healthy

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