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Increased Humanitarian Efforts by the LTTE

July 21, 2006
After the GoSL granted permission for Daya Master to incidently get himself checked up and an Angiogram done, to make sure the right amount of blood is being pumped through his heart, on Humanitarian Grounds of course, them tigers have decided to show their humble gratitude.
Await 12 LTTE ambassadors in Colombo! Unfortunately due to there shy nature, these 12 ambassadors do not want to be disclosed, as they believe that publicity of them would hinder their humanitarian work. Incidently all the ambassadors are of feminine breed. There you go Tiger Leader Prabha setting a perfect example of Genderr Equality, in a country that women folk seem to think otherwise.

All this information was gathered by another LTTE ambassador who’d been identified (much to the dismay of the LTTE) in Tissamaharama, on her mission to show gratitude to some influential political figure of the Govt. After being identified, our chaps have decided to have a chit chat and gather the above details. I hope our chaps treated her Humanely, without pushing or poking her. Coz the folks in Govt have to keep to the Geneva Convention eh?

As a sign of good will the Tiger Chappies have also decided to modify motorbikes to suit Sri Lankan roads, with extra ball bearings and plastic, just in case you might need it, when you accidently bump into a Vehicle, and coincidently some well known chappie is being driven in that same vehicle. 2 such bikes have been found by the SLA, and they will be running a full quality test on em, before granting SLS standards to the LTTE. The SLA were itching to get their hands on one these babies, since the first one happened to explode, and only parts of it were available.

In other news, the chappies in the Govt, have decided to ship most of the goods that go to Jaffna, thereby eliminating them Tigers of a proper living, no wonder they have nothing else to do but bare arms. After all they earn 60 lakhs a day, getting those who transport goods through the A9, to drop a penny in their tills. Hmm.. how discriminatory! Shame on you GoSL!

– Vegetarians eat Vegetables. Humanitarians eat… ??
– Pics courtesy of Lankadeepa, Funlk and Crazylanka.

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  1. Sam permalink
    July 21, 2006 7:18 am

    You think GOSL is not honest? You are very wrong.
    They are not cheap people like you and me. They are honest hard working people. They are still trying to figure out what they should be shame of first. They can’t figure out one since new reasons coming in faster than they can think!
    Only issue is it will take a generation to figure that out.

  2. sittingnut permalink
    July 21, 2006 11:13 pm

    good post 🙂

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