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400 Million Lost over Ports strike !!

July 20, 2006
An estimated loss of 400 million was calculated y-day, as the employees of the Port continued their strike, calling for a pay hike. This mind you coming from guys who earn 30 grand a month on average.

Although it may sound like toffees, or spare change to some people, to me it’s not. Coz I don’t get paid that much.. atleast not yet.. (oops have I divulged sensitive information out?)

Anyways, it’s interesting that the Privatized terminal of the Port is operating fine, without any glitches or work to rule.

So what is Work to Rule ? Google definition :

A practice where workers obey to the letter all laws and rules pertaining to their work, thereby effecting a slowdown. The practice also frequently involves a refusal to perform duties which, though related. are not explicitly included in the job description.

As I have been employed in the private sector, I can’t see how working to rule can actually slow things down. I mean maybe I do a bit extra, than what was agreeed upon my employment contract.. maybe coz our Employment Contracts are soo vague, and basically I just believe that the paperwork that comes with the work I do is actually part of it. Maybe some one can shed some light on this…

My personal policy is that, if I think I’m not getting paid, as much as I put in (not how much I’d like to get paid) well I’ll talk it up with the Guy at the top, if nothing happens I’d start looking else where. But that’s just me, my opinion, my life, I cant expect everyone to be me.

Maybe these blokes at the Port, want a bigger cut just like the big guns of the Port. But you cant be selfless, when you know that your action is affecting the whole Country and grinding the Port, which is considered the Gateway to South Asia to a HALT!

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  1. sittingnut permalink
    July 20, 2006 8:31 pm

    problem with strikes and other trade union actions in government entities is that they get entangled with the politics and political parties, instead of just dealing with the salary or welfare issues. ministers and other political appointed mangers want to look good tv, they do not want to give in to other political parties unions, or want to appease their own or parties that support them etc etc. it becomes a mess as a result.

    one more reason for privatization.

  2. Chaar~Max permalink
    July 21, 2006 5:14 am

    True dat!

    I just wish the folkes at Govt. Sector, just pulled up their socks and started giving their best!

    I remember a certain misister suggesting Govt. Sector put in an extra half hour a day, for the promise of their pay rise, and how much a ROW that created.

    My thing is, dont put in extra! Just do the the shit your supposed to do, durig that day instead of sitting on your lazy asses and bullshitting the whole day!

    That is the only thing I have against the Govt. Sector, if it can be restructred and revolutionized, without being Privatised I’m all for it.. but the above terms normally mean Privatization at the end of the Day.

    Look at the losses incurred by these istitutions. Lotteries Bord for eg, avg 10million loss per monthe for the past 5-6 months. How can a freaking lotteries board run at a loss? You tell me!

  3. Mr. Evil permalink
    July 27, 2006 3:54 am

    You know.. the port lost so much cash on this crap issue. And now there is an additional charge on every single container and they are calling it “Port Congestion Fees” So still the customers pay thru theyr noses for this loss.. after all the losses they incurred as well. Pretty pathetic managment. Sad noone’s talking about the after effects and how they are going to get out of a mess. Problems and solutions for individual needs. But nothing for the case of development. I somehow get the feeling that this country is all out to go back a step or 2 in development just to earn a quick buck.. I mean those days long long time ago.. companies had to pay 5 bucks per container as an “Incentive” (If you know what i mean) to the crane operators. Thank god they got that off.. You should check out the efficiency of the port in singapore.. by the time we’ve loaded 5 containers they’ve loaded about 12 or so..

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