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Will Prabha trust GoSL Doc’s??

July 13, 2006

While the Tigers Peaceful Daya Master’s being treated to, and he’s fate is been decided by Doc’s in Govt Controlled Area’s as opposed their own. I ponder what if…..

Yes what if.. Big Tiger (or Big Pussy as one/some of the Bloggers refer to the old guy) happens to require medical attention that cannot be provided by their own ??

This thought came to me as I read an article on the Asian Tribune, regarding the Big Guy’s health condition or more rather health concerns. Here goes. Whether it’s true or not..

  • Will he give him self up and seek Medical help from GoSL?

  • Ask the friendly neighborhood Norwegians to ensure safe journey to Canada or some other country that hasn’t banned LTTE, for treatment? (Assuming that he can’t travel to the countries that have banned em, Not for Discrimination against countries)

  • Sneak out the back door to India. Seek help there?

Yup thats my incessant rambling at 1.30 in da morning. I should get some shut eye. Peace out!

BTW : Congrats to Misfits UC Winners for 2006 and all the others, Good Show! But I thought the Big Kahunas were in the lead, I dunno some one explain to me. I’m dumb. 🙂

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  1. sittingnut permalink
    July 15, 2006 6:10 am

    big pussy will insist on getting the medical treatment . but will demand that he get it in wanni.
    so instead of him traveling to colombo or somewhere else, we might see the hospital traveling to wanni.

    btw canda banned ltte

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