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Pick up your next Ferrari @ eBay and a Free Gift awaits You!!

July 5, 2006

Among the many Ferrari’s on offer, there was one with a difference, not the type of the Ferrari being an Enzo but the car was offered with something extra.

The auctioneer her self!

Leila, who says she’s a singer, attached a personal ad to her eBay post, saying she’s looking for a well-situated man between the ages of 40 and 58 for love and a life together.

Her hobbies include going for walks, bike rides, and playing golf and tennis — no mention of driving flashy Italian sports cars.

Leila added that she could arrange to meet with interested bidders, but would need to see a passport and proof of capital. After all, she’s started the bidding at 1.25 million euros ($1.6 million).

She may not have much in the way of choice of suitors, however. With only five days to go until her auction ends, so far there’s been just a single bid.

In my search to find the actual bid on eBay, my luck seemed to have run out, as the offer seems to be no longer available or removed.

Auction Link (Translation by Google)

So if you guys can do better than me, pls post the link or the profile of the auctioneer.

  • Has eBay turned into an Online dating service?
  • Wonder what she offers on the Trial/Test Drive?

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