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Join or Die !!

July 2, 2006
This is the newest slogan the LTTE’rs are using as their slogan in recruitment for their “Baby Brigade”. And they truly mean it, like this 12 yr old found out.

The child was in his sleep at his Grandmother’s residence when the group of terrorists grabbed him out and shot to death. The dead child named S. Sathyan ,a student of Valaichenai Hindu College had been forced to join LTTE by the LTTE’s “Baby brigade” recruiters for several times. It has been revealed that the child had refused the LTTE orders and was seeking refuge at his grand mother’s house.

So why would this 12 yr old kid want to disobey his sole representative LTTE leadership? Probably the kid didn’t know better to mess with them, and paid the price..

More shockingly the UNICEF issue’s a statement calling for ALL parties to stop Child Recruitment. Shame on you SLA for recruiting children..

“Besides recruitment of child soldiers, there are also allegations of other grave violations against children by all parties to the conflict,” she added, expressing deep concern about the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka, where separatists and Government forces have been fighting for two decades.

So did the UNICEF forget to mention the innocent LTTE or they are just turning the blind eye.

And on the way to become the sole rep of tamil people the LTTE (or some times known as “Unidentified Gun-men”) bumped off a prominent member of the Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Elam (PLOTE); a major alternative political party of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Sam permalink
    July 2, 2006 5:26 pm

    Look like it is much more to do with Tamil culture than just the war (I’m sorry to say that). We are NOT the only country in the word dealing with an arm conflict. But LTTE is one of the few groups in the word recruits child scolders. Why? I don’t think that is just the political reasons.
    Most of the Tamil peoples sympathetic to LTTE – natural Tribal bond I can understand. But the issue is they are very insensitive about victims. I never have seen any Tamil group protest against child recruitment.
    Just imagine how about when (not if) this much insensitive group accrued ruling power. Then there will be big possibility of general Tamil community to suffer years to come in unimaginable way. We will have much more to talk about then. (Only if we are fortunate enough not to be a victim of Tamil Tigers)

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