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Why War.. and not Peace?

July 1, 2006

After a long chat with one of my friends, I started thinking why War? and not Peace? All of us would like peace.. the majority of the country would.. so why isn’t there Peace in this country.. (not CFA but Peace).. What are the reasons for keeping this blood shed going on? I realize that this was is not fought for all the Right reasons..


1. They aren’t fighting for Tamils coz they were discriminated by Sinhalease.

2. They don’t want a separate home land for all the Tamil’s in Sri Lanka. Just there goons, and supporters who are forced to fight for them. (Ask any Tamil in Colombo whether he’s gonna go back to Eelam Land??)

3. Guided by a lunatic who’s father was killed and seeking Revenge(so I hear.. I honestly think he was dropped when he was a baby)

4. His other goon’s (Anton, Selvam etc) they just wanna make the cover of News Week!

If they want a home land to be King and Almighty.. why cant they freakin Buy an island, like Branson did. I’m sure they have enough money in the vault, that is being filled by dumb expatriate Tamil’s who know nothing about the present situation, and made to be felt guilt for fleeing the country.

1., 2., 3., 4. MONEY!!

The amount of money made on arms deal’s, weaponry and the ability to ask for aid from World Bank, and the ability to use the spending on war as an excuse for their mismanagement of funds and emptying of the treasury.

And when I mean “Govt” I mean both present and past ones. I was so sick of the news I heard from my friend that I stayed a whole day away from the Blog, sick of all these politicians who got elected saying they are gonna do this and that.. and we(atleast those who voted for him.. although I can’t find 10 people who did now…) expected a change from him/them.. “my foot!”

Take a moment to think of the Foot Soldier manning his point with a gun hasn’t been manufactured for 10yrs, fighting for their home land, while a freaking Major General or a Politician is living the high life, off the cut he made bringing the so called “Brand New” guns. No wonder there are soo many deserters..

And one fine day when this country is “beyond redemption” (if it already isn’t) you’ll find the kids of Prabha and Mahinda (and all the other goons.. SLFP, UNP and JVP) enjoying life in their mansions in the States and Europe.. who know might even be drinking in the same freaking Irish Pub.. while the rest of the Sinhalese and Tamils are make something out of a barren land.

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  1. Malaka Siriwardena permalink
    January 8, 2008 11:33 am

    I came across your blog today… it’s already added to my favorites… keep up the good work…. no my name is not malaka

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