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Living In Terror

June 30, 2006
Whilst watching TV today.. I spotted a spray of ‘ads’ asking the public to be on the look out. Day before y-day (wednesday) there was a huge chaos created by a rumour(s) that there was a bomb threat to school(s). If you noticed almost no traffic on the reoads that day, that was coz like a million phone calls got around and worried sick parents didnt send their children to school. Imagine what the parents went through when they got the news just after they had sent their kids packing in the shool van.. imagine the commotion they created out side the school to get there kids out of school again.

Yes we’re on a war footing. This may sound like a Rich kid who missed his evening snack, complaining opposed to those in Killinochchi running to the Jungle or where ever they call ‘Shelter’ when they here those Kafir’s circle above them.

Is it our fault? Is it there fault? Who started this? Is it worth seeking answers for these questions? All I know is that a crisis is at hand.. one more bomb/killing may spark it.. a covert opperation by the SLA may spark it..

‘Peace’ is the need of the hour. I am very new to the Blog scene.. not even got my hairy feet wet.. but going through many blogs I know that all of us want ‘Peace’, even the extremist of us will settle for ‘Peace’.

It’s the cost that matters. What is the cost? Are we willing to pay it? How can we achieve peace? Most importantly.. what is our contribution towards it?

I hope you guys think about this before the meeting on Sat.. for the sake of my little niece who was caught up in Wednesday’s chaos and for the sake of all those youngsters on both the side who dont know the meaning of ‘War’…

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