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Looking back at Shakes

June 27, 2006

Sunday saw another year of Shakespeare come to an end. The result is not the issue of this post.. it has been already debated on different blogs, and for several years.. and the judges decision is final yar?

I’ve been involved in the Annual Competition since 1997, and have seen it all. However there are some-things that I keep seeing each year that disheartens me. I’m referring to the organizing of this event.

Being involved in many societies/clubs during my school days, and it’s always been the case where you improve with experience. However this is sadly not the case with the Organisers of the Annual Shakespeare Comp. They’ve been doing this for such a long time that you’d think that they’d get there act together.. but is it the case??

They made a huge blunder by shifting the finals to BMICH.. which many critics argued is not a Stage for Theater. After many years of convincing they have settled for the B. C. Auditorium. Is this better or worse? I’d say it’s better.. but it could be much better..

There are a few limitations in B. C. Auditorium when compared to the Wendt. No flyers, is one thing that we’ve have to deal with on many occasions. I’m sure that you guys have more things to add to this. For me there is no place like the Wendt..

My point is it’s the same committee that organisers this event.. it’s the same name I hear each time heading it, but how come they cant get it right for once? Even this year the Rehearsal the Finalists got was lacking two things.. “Sound” and “Lights”! Sadly there was no Sound & Light rehearsal for the finalists, and only during the performance that we got access to the “Lights Board” and sound board. For eg: we went into the performance not knowing the the “wash” of light of the C/S. Mind you this has been happening ever since they shifted to B. C . from BMICH.

Another fact that puzzles me is why bother hosting the Semi’s at Wendt at all, after all if the finals are going to be at B. C. let actors/actresses get use to the stage.

During the morning of the finals I didn’t see a rep from the committee, to clarify issues. The event never starts on time. The tickets for this most sought after event of gobbled up by the schools with the aid of “pre allocation”. I came to know that only 32 nos. Rs. 500/= were available for the public for the Girls finals. I’m sure it would have been the same for the Boy’s Finals too.

All in all if you’ve been participating in the Comp. you know that these guys can do MUCH better.. I wonder why they dont ??

->| Await a post on “My Experiences with Sound in Drama’s” |<-

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  1. Sweet Idiot permalink
    June 28, 2006 6:07 am

    did you hear about the school that was privileged enough to get a ‘lights’ rehearsal?

  2. Electra permalink
    June 28, 2006 7:43 am

    i think the organizers dont do better because they simply cannot be bothered : after all, the YMCA is on its own now, since the ceylon thespians pulled out as co-organizers. the YMCA chums dont know anything about theatre and only continue to organize this because of its finacial viability. it is a massive event every year, and it does bring in the big bucks.

    as for semis being at the wendt and the finals at the BC auditorium, i think it’s a good thing that schools get to use both stages. not only is this a challenge, thereby giving the judges yet more to judge the competitors by, but its also a valuable experience working on, and coping with, different theatres. of course, nothing does exceed the wendt in terms of equipment and acoustic quality. but the wendt does only seat a marginally small number of people, in relation to the size of the competition.

    the organizational aspects of this could definitely improve. it is really difficult to participate with the given facilities.

    it is also really stupid that a ‘stage’ rehearsal before finals didn’t include lights and sounds. i dont ever remember this happening before this year, and i hope it doesn’t happen again.

    sweet idiot : i havent heard about this school, but you do realize that the organziers did not BAN schools from having a lights rehearsal? they merely did not pay the auditorium for it, and therefore schools were unable to access this facility. however, if a school was willing to pay for their own lights within that one hour of rehearsal, there was nothing stopping them from doing so. i think eventually almost everyone paid and got their lights rehearsal. this is really unfair, as the organizers should have spent for this.

    this is still a great competition, full of opportunity and the chance to learn. i hope the standards of the organizers develop with the years.

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