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Sri Lanka’s overseas Tamils fill rebel Tiger coffers

June 19, 2006
Here’s an interesting article I found while searching the lates developments and wondering how the international media think about SL Govt. (specially after the accusation of the Church Attack) It’s about Tamil expatriate support for LTTE.

“Tamils have no power in the political system,” 69-year-old Vijayadeva said at a rotest in London.

Oh ok.. so the ITAK, TNA and EPDP aren’t tamil? I think this Vijayadeva has no idea about the local situation except for emptying his pockets blindly. And yes I said EPDP although they have confrontations with the LTTE they are still TAMIL.. after all this is about the Tamil people and their representation. I belive they have a pretty good representation in the Parliament considering the actual percentage of the population.

“The state is supplied with modern weapons. Where can the LTTE go for arms and money? They must go to the people.”

This is what they say.. to collect money from there Tamil Benefactors.. or the poor LTTE’ers why doesn’t the Govt consult them when they place their orders.. Why doesn’t Maa-hinda say “Yo Prabha we’re thinking about getting us some R-52 tanks, can I get you some Anti-Tank mines, there supposed to be compatible with that model?”
Besides I thought the Norwegians were doing a good job of that….

“We need war,” said Naheerathan, 39, who left the northern Tamil-dominated city of Jaffna in 1994 just before it fell to government forces. “Otherwise we cannot get independence.” Some overseas Tamils say they no longer dare visit the country of their birth. Their only contact is through family, news reports, and Tiger-made DVDs which show alleged military atrocities and skirt the issue of suspected Tiger attacks.

Well sir, if you actually came back you’d realize that this isn’t about Tamil independence anymore.. it’s about a psychotic man following his own path, convincing many people that this is the true path to Liberation.
All I can say is, stop watching those Edited DVD’s and stuff that you read on Pro-LTTE web sites, speak to the actual tamil people in concern, do they belive that Mr. Prabhakaran is going to grant there freedom, NO.. is Mr. Prabhakaran their only voice NO.. if it was how come soo many Tamil people were threatened not to vote in the past Presidential Elections.. (anyone remebers how a Tamil Lady’s hand was cut off for voting..?)

And few expatriate Tamils say the ban will be effective. “It’s like abortion,” said councilor Idaikkadar. “If you ban it, it will just go on to the back streets. If people want to do something, they will still do it.”

Well atleast it’s going to make it a whole lot harder and those who are blindly donating will know that there are no longer funding a charity, but an illegal movement banned in soo many countries.
Finally I like to end with what a few Tamil Expat’s are quoted saying.. so you have an idea of their thinking. This is exactly the thinking we need to change….

No one doubts that some expatriate Tamils enthusiastically support the idea of a new war for a separate state. One said that with some 64,000 dead in the war so far, another 10,000 or so new deaths would make little or no difference.

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