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40,000 child prostitutes in Sri Lanka, says LTTE

June 19, 2006
Ok.. you heard me right that was not taken off a UN Web Site nor any web site pertaining to Child Rights in Sri Lanka but the TamilNet. Since when do the LTTE care about child prostitutes and Child Labour? Read the following :

“The prostitution and child labor figures are indeed shocking. The number of
cases, 1400, the UNICEF has accused the LTTE of child recruitment pales with
these figures. Of the 1400 more than 800 are now 18-years or older, 400 are
between 17-years and 18-years, and only 200 are under 16 years. We are
meticulously tracking every one of the under-16’s to resolve these cases with
the UNICEF officials,” Dr N Malathy, Secretary at the North East Secretariat on
Human Rights (NESOHR) located in Kilinochchi told TamilNet.

Thats why the LTTE are so concerned about this cause.. Well 1400 isn’t a big number compared to 40,000 eh? Except for the fact that there maybe more than 1400 (the actual cases reported.. usualy it’s the case.. dont you think) and by god.. getting a Child to Sweep the Garden, do the dishes and send him to the Market.. that is sacrilege compared to getting them to Carry a gun that weighs half their weight and put them in the front line to save the Elite Cadres of the LTTE.

Those kids are doing there duty for their home-land I suppose, that’s why there taken from there homes with such ease.. I suppose. So you can convice a 12yr old that your gonna die for this thing called “Eelam” blah blah… how do you convince an unborn child ? (Like they used In the suicide bomb attack targeting the Army Chief.. think about it….)

And the line that amuses me the most.. “Of the 1400 more than 800 are now 18-years or older” oh wow.. majour reasoning.. so that short period from 14-18 is just gonna blow away.. there gonna forget it like an ex-girl friend I suppose.

So shame on you Child Rights Activists.. you cant blame the LTTE anymore coz.. 800 out of the 1400 are 18 now.. boo hooo!!!

Here’s the actual article.

In retrospect here is an interesting read.
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 3, 2006 12:17 am

    this is exactly what happens when children are used as a political tool. The government uses child recruitment of the LTTE as a political tool and the LTTE in turn makes much of child prostitues. you sem to bne able to say that child prostitutes are better than child soldiers , I can’t. At theend the person who is truly concerned about children will not try and make political mileage out of it. It’s immoral.

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