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"LTTE condemned the attack on civilians in the strongest possible terms."

June 16, 2006

Inset :

“64 passengers, including fifteen children and a Buddhist monk, were killed and around 94 wounded when a civilian bus was caught in a claymore mine blast near Kebitigollawe, 23 km southeast of Vavuniya, around 7:50 a.m. Thursday, police sources said. Wounded survivors were rushed to Kepitigollawe and Anuradhapura hospitals. The majority of victims are Sinhalese, officials said.”

In case you havent seen the gruesome images click here.

And here we have the LTTE denying it again..

“Denying the accusations, the Director of LTTE’s Peace Secretariat, S. Puleedevan, said the LTTE condemned the attack on civilians in the strongest possible terms. Mr. Puleedevan said the deadly attack, coming just after the return of an LTTE delegation which went to Norway, was a planned act carried out by paramilitary elements to destroy efforts to resume the stalled peace process. The attack could be the work of forces seeking to create ethnic tension between Sinhalese and Tamils, as has occurred in Trincomalee, a police official in Vavuniya said.”

OH wow Mr. Puleedevan.. let me guess Central Bank Bombing didnt involve Civilians.. or let me guess.. that too was SLA or another Para-Military Group..

Source :

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  1. sherveen permalink
    June 16, 2006 6:14 am

    Don’t act stupid now……..of course the Central bank bomb was totally not an act of the LTTE but an internal paramillitary group clad in LTTE uniform who appeared with malicious intent of defaming the “soul representative” of the tamils of Sri Lanka. They are on a holy cause and the GOSL is trying their level best to defame them at the eyes of the international community. See Even Mr. Puleedevan said that the blast in Kabitigollawa was an act by some group trying to bring the much efforted attempts of the LTTE to keep the peace process running. See they went all the way to norway and came back with nothing much done but brought some arms catalogs, and some pistol cases,and also stopped over at Switzerland unplanned cos they had some peace discussions with some guys, on arranging the venue for the next round of peace talks. So how can you expect this much of commitment going a waste ha? obviously u know that the peace talks can’t take place when someone is threatening u from a side yea? how can u concentrate? so stop acting stupid. The LTTE has no idea who carried out the claymore mine attack, besides, who knows? it could be some civillians themselves or some Eastern tigers coming into the vanni territory borders to carry out an attack on civillians to bring “disrespect” to the Vanni cadres. so don’t point ur finger without having proof to say that the LTTE did it. After all how can you expect the LTTE to admit any of the attacks carried out in the past when they had no knowledge or involvement at all of such attacks? damn……. u ppl are crazy im telling ya…..

  2. Chaar~Max permalink
    June 16, 2006 7:02 am

    Thousand apollogies yar… I was thinking more on the lines of those 64 people..

    Commiting suicide (they themselves set up the claymore mines, loaded a bus with 150 ppl and just went over it) to prove that the LTTE was behind it.. such patriotism of our Sinhala ppl..


    It was rather amusing watching CNN the reporter say “Authorities blamed Tamil Tigers for the attack, and Reuters news agency said government jets bombed their positions in the island’s northeast following the bus explosion.”

  3. sherveen permalink
    June 16, 2006 9:37 am

    I have an excerpt of a story……hope it has some resemblance to what we see going on over here in this country?

    “…….Once upon a time, in a far away country, there was a kid named Pat……he didn’t want to go to School cos he didnt like it there, and cos staying home …..and his parents were trying to make him go to school……..then he says “I want the moon. Then I will go”. The parents disagreed because it was something impossible and impractical. So he said “If you want me to go to school, then get Dick out of school who always fights with me. The parents said they cannot do anything about that and that he will have to deal with it that he didn’t get along with Dick. So its his fault that Dick fights with him………….”

    Synonyms :
    Home = Terrorism
    Parents = GOSL
    Pat = U know who
    Dick = Another u know who
    Moon = Eelam
    School = Peace / Settlement

  4. NotSoGeek permalink
    June 19, 2006 11:46 am

    DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT,
    link to TamilNet under any circumstance!
    Each time u do, you are participating in their terrorist propaganda.

    TamilNet is a bucket of shit. Ignore it!

  5. Chaar~Max permalink
    June 21, 2006 5:56 am

    We all know TamilNet is a bucket of shit..atleast I hope the people who read my blog do..

    This is to get the word out there.. that it’s a Bucket of shit.. The only reason I link is so people with some interlectual capacity would actually go throught the article i’m referring too and then read what I have to say..

    I wanna give the Full picture.. rather thatn just go on saying TamilNet is Bucket of Shit..

    If people who dont knw anything abt TamilNet are gonna go to TamilNet through my site, and then get hooked onto it.. then.. there is no place in the long winding tunnel of “Stupidy” for their sorry souls..

    Peace out!


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